Holiday Season

This weekend is the second of three Bank Holiday weekends in a row,it is no wonder Colombians never have enough money, they are always out spending it, and not working…that said when they do work, many of them work really long days.

Last week-end even with our anti noise windows (fancy double glazing) we had trouble with the Finca de Recreo alongside us, it was the first time the new owner had rented it out, and there was no control at all, the music played all night, even though it was bucketing down with rain. We ended up phoning the Police twice, but even with their new powers, it didn\’t tempt them to do their job, and come to sort it out…nothing new there! we later found out that another neighbour phoned the Police four times, they obviously didn\’t want to leave their nice warm beds. We did see them ride passed on their motorbike later in the morning, different staff, having had their breakfast.

Marcela rang the number advertised outside for rentals, someone in Medellin, and explained the situation to him, as a result the following night was much quieter.

This weekend it appears to be in reverse, last night was rowdy and then at bedtime, they lowered the volume, causing no problems at all, so far tonight, if it is the same people, they appear to have a rowdy night planned, so whether we will get any sleep is anyones guess.

Tomorrow, I must get the generator out and tested, it hasn\’t been used in a while, but yesterday, I had a visit from our Electricity Supplier to warn us that there will be no electric on Tuesday between 8am and 4pm, whilst they are working on the electric poles. I will have to run cables to the fridge-freezer and freezer, they certainly wont last eight hours in this heat, even when it is raining it is warm, once I have it all up and running on Tuesday, I will bail out for at least part of the day, fortunately I have a Doctors appointment first thing so I\’ll go there, and then head off elsewhere for an hour or two.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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