UPDATE: This post was written on 17/06/2017, unfortunately the internet went down before I could Publish, and has only just been re-instated.

I said I was going to look around for cheap plane tickets, unless I want to fly down one day and come back the next, that wasn\’t going to happen, and the cost of staying in Bogota overnight, outweighed any financial saving from a cheap flight.

I keep reading about the UK Expats living in the EU, complaining that Brexit may well cost them more, but to be fair, I haven\’t heard one of my friends living there complain…yet! I have little sympathy with the whiners, the rest of us pay our way.

To stay here in Colombia, this renewal will cost me:

1. Check paperwork                                                            COP $151.000
2. Cost of Visa     (Varies according to Visa)                      COP $1.137.810
3. Cost of flight to collect the Visa                                     COP $305.000

To renew Colombian ID Card after collecting Visa                COP $183.000

Total:                                                                                      COP $1.776.810
                                                                                               (£470 / US$600)
Plus ancillaries (Airport parking, Taxis etc.)
I\’m not complaining, it is certainly a big chunk when your only source of income is your pension, but I knew I had to budget for it, and have been putting money aside to cover it.
I go on June 28th to Bogota to have the Visa entered in my passport, I\’ve just got to hope that my car gets me to the airport, without breaking down, the flight is only 55 minutes, as opposed to 8 – 10 hours driving.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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