Keeping Occupied

Whilst we had no internet, I was forced to occupy my time by returning to the old ways, in my case woodwork!! 😊  It forced me to get the Postbox finished and fitted on the gate.

This plaque on the outside of the gate, is only so they will know which crack in the gate to put the bills…lol.  I stencilled the \’Correos\’ rather than burn it, because I was coating the 6mm ply in varnish, so it wont rub off for a while.

I built the box in situ, it was probably just as well I did, because it was an absolute bugger to fit the uprights to the gate, the side furtherest from the wall, was just too far for me to put adequate pressure on, whilst having an arm on this side as well, in the end, a neighbour saw me struggling, and came to my aid. I glued the parts together with contact glue (god…I love that smell!) and then pinned it with brad nails, using my air-nailer.

The hatch gives enough room to remove post, the piece of white on the inside right of the box, is the section of UPVC pipe, used to direct post from the slot into the box, and it works.

Hopefully no more banged heads, that should please the Father-in-law when he next visits, we have both drawn blood, mainly due to the weight of the gate, we pull, and get too close, the old box then attacked you!

I was somewhat limited as to what else I could do to pass the time, as despite it being summer here, it has been bucketing down with rain for the best part of a week, I hope that changes, because I need to get out in the garden, I therefore spent the rest of my time reading, no TV when the internet is down.

We no longer pay for a TV service, as neither of us watch it much, although that also came down the same cable, so we would have lost that, but when we do want to watch something, we make use of an Android box, attached to the TV, so it\’s free, but again, when the internet goes down we lose that.

It\’s a good job I have and electronic e-Reader for books, people say there is nothing like a paper book, but I have been using this method now for about seven or eight years, as long as I remember to keep it charged, I now prefer it, and have no trouble downloading plenty of reading matter.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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