They must think I\’m made of Money!

Yesterday, I spent running around, firstly I went to Migración Colombia in Medellin, and collected my required certificate, that was pretty straight forward. Then I stopped in San Juan to do some shopping, before heading to the Mother-in-laws house to do running repairs.

I think destruction runs in the family… firstly I had to replace a draw runner that had come away, I\’m not sure how, but it was flat-pack furniture, so I\’ll give her the benfit of the doubt. Then I had to repair the flapper in the toilet cistern, the third time this year, how she does it, I have no idea!!!!

From there it was back to our usual Supermarket in Copacabana and then home.

This morning, I decided to get going on my Visa application, I needed a letter from Marcela, as my wife, to say she supported the application, I did enlighten her, that the form says, if the spouse is no longer living to submit the death certificate instead, but she didn\’t move any faster!! hahahaha 😀

It\’s taken me ages to get it sorted, the front page gives you a list of documents, which I had scanned, lined up to attach to the online application, then on the final page it asks for something entirely different, by the time that was prepared ,I have been timed out, so had to start again.

You really have to check and double check, because the whole process is not cheap, I have to pay $151,320 (about £40 / US$ 51) just for them to check the paperwork, and providing it is accepted, then I have to pay (if the website is correct) another $1,150,000 COP ( £308 / US$350), this is the dearest of the Visas, it does last longer than the others at 5 years, and is the one I have to have if I want to apply for nationality in two years time.

I could have waited until December, when my present visa expires, but trying to get a flight at a reasonable price then,is near impossible, I might as well go to Bogota when at least the sun is shining…hopefully!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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