Another job completed!

The new building alongside us is nearly finished, The law states that windows within 3m of your fence line have to be fitted with obscure glass, they can open for air, but not have line of sight, unless they are 1.6m above floor level, this left us with a dilemma because although there is no dispute about the window in the apartment above, the shop windows, are more than 1.6m above the shop floor level, but because it is built lower on the mountain, it has direct line of sight into our garden, and they HAVE fitted louvred windows, with clear glass..

I could have gone to the Planning Dept, and kicked up a stink, but I am not sure it would have got me anywhere, corruption is the name of the game, and I certainly wouldn\’t be giving them any backhanders, and knowing the Builder already has done just that, I would probably have lost out.

So I went for the next best thing…Block their view.

Therefore I spent the morning fitting the UPVC roofing panels to our fence, when they get around to painting the side of the building, they should blend in, provided he paints it white of course! these sheets are damned expensive here, but in time I might extend the bottom 1m the whole length of the garden, I certainly don\’t think I will go higher for the rest of the fence, because I would just block our own view of the valley. Unless there is more building which blights the vista, in which case!

I am glad it is finished, it was a scorcher, I plastered myself in suncream. Did it go up without a problem? in the main…Yes, with the exception of taking a chunk out of one of my fingers, when I trapped it between the ladder section and the metal fence, but nothing my tube of superglue couldn\’t sort out! šŸ‘

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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