Mystery Project!

I\’m not going to give away what I am working on at the moment, it is a prototype, but I already know that it will do it\’s job, I just need to get on and get it done.

The basic structure is two strips of 2 x 2 cut from 2 x 4, but I need two sets of these.

As you can see, I then cut a 5/8\” channel along each, 3/4\” deep using my table saw and Dado blade,
today, I have rounds over one edge on each strip using my router, this was done, because there is a likelihood of bodily contact with these strips, and I don\’t want any injuries. I then sanded each strip with 80 grit using the Palm sander, after which I hand sanded them to 320 grit.

Now I have got to drill some countersunk fixing holes, and make some plugs to fill the holes so the screw can\’t be seen, then they can be stained/vanished. Once they are in place, I can then take the measurements for part two of the project.

This isn\’t a hard project, but it is time consuming, I hope to have these in place before Christmas, but when it will be totally finished I am not sure, as I am still limited as to how long I can work in a stretch.

The only clue I will give is that they are for in the bedroom, and it\’s nothing kinky!!!! 😀

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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