Going to have to work within my limitations!

Just to update you! work has all but come to a halt, I went earlier this week to see my Specialist over a problem with my back which is getting progressively worse, following treatment I had from a Physio earlier this year on my knee…don\’t ask, knee, back, yes I know, but it would take too long to explain, and I don\’t want to bore you.

As a result of that appointment I have been referred to a Spine Specialist, but unfortunately I have to go for assessment first, and that isn\’t until the first week in August, then I will see him / her, but no idea when. In the mean time, I am on stronger pain killers, and having to take it easy, otherwise I am on my back.

This week-end we have family visiting, as it is yet another National Fiesta, so that will keep me occupied, unfortunately my Father in law and friend, can\’t make it, he rang this morning, from hospital having had an accident, he was working on a fan, when the blade sliced his head open. Colombians being what they are, when he was released, with a suitable number of stitches, he tried to go back to work, but it was too much, so he is going to rest. I hope he soon recovers!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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