Getting there!

Yesterday, I finished the gate post, I bought a three inch castor and used the wheel to replace the 2\” wheel that was in place, and the gate now opens with no problem,, I haven\’t taken another photo because, it would look exactly the same as the previous photo of the same!

This morning the remaining three dining room chairs all received a second coat of varnish, I was hoping to get the final coat on tomorrow, but I had a phone call this evening to say that my car is ready for collection, after more repairs, so I won\’t be able to get them all done tomorrow, however they WILL be finished this week-end, I will upload a photo once they are all completed and the upholstered seats attached.

I decided to take the plunge yesterday, and bought welding equipment:

For those of you who know about welding, because most will be outside, and not in the workshop, I have gone for an Arc / Stick welder, and as you will know, I have enough trouble when using two hands, so the hand held face mask in the photo, would have been no good whatsoever, so I bought a helmet mask with auto adjusting filter. However there was one hiccup, I got the kit home, opened it, and there is no plug on the cable, probably because it has the option of 110v or 220v, you would have thought they would have told you that on the box!
I will be doing welding only now and again, mainly for repairs, so it is not in any way a replacement for woodwork, it just gives me other options. Today I made a container for my welding rods, I cut a length of 3\” waste pipe, I had in stock, put on two end caps, one weather proof container!!

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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