Shut up Philip!

I am really going to have to stop predicting what jobs I am going to get done. I went out this morning and the gate post was still tacky, I couldn\’t understand why, until I read the can again, and although it says to give a second coat in four hours, it says that the paint may not be fully dry for forty eight hours, which seems an exceptionally long time for any paint, but…

I therefore gave the post another coat, and it may be Sunday or Monday before I can erect it, which wont be a big problem, as I am losing my car (the Montero) again tomorrow, until next week at least, since having the valves done, it has not seemed it\’s old self, but since having the clutch done, it has become a death trap, I pull out at a junction, and it all but dies, through lack of power. So before major damage is done either to the car, or me, it is going in to be fixed, under warranty, therefore I will be house bound.

This should give me time to both get the gate post erected, and also get on with the Dining suite which has been sorely neglected, mainly because I have lost interest, it was certainly not one of my better ideas, although it has saved me a lot of money.

Not sure about other Countrys, but here it is a National Fiesta / Holiday on Monday, so we can expect a noisy sleepless weekend, I\’ll have to make sure my MP3 player is charged, so I can get some sleep.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

2 thoughts on “Shut up Philip!

  1. Jajajaja me has hecho reir, mejor callarse y seguir trabajando. Voy a terminar primero mi \”wardrobe\” antes que tu termines tu comedor. Dulces sueños el fin de semana. Saludos Hector.


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