Honest…I did make two!

Because in my last post, I only showed one saw-horse, I have been asked if I did make two, the answer to that is yes, I just hadn\’t finished it off,

However now I have  cut two removable top rails from mahogany, so they will last longer, and added the rope stretcher.

In the photo, you can see, I have put french cleats on the carport wall, and they are hanging there, the top rail removed and roped to the bottom.

My existing saw-horses are now outside the workshop, and my old original, of which there was only one, has been put out on the roadside, to be honest it has probably already gone!

Now I have more space in the workshop, for how long, I am not sure, but it looks better without the clutter.

It is now another Holiday week-end, so I will go off with the trailer on Tuesday to buy some more timber for my next project, because believe it or not, I am now seriously low on stock.

Whilst working in the carport, I came across this little fellow

I haven\’t a clue what it is, I am guessing some sort of stick insect? but I didn\’t call Marcela, all bugs are the same to her, and it would have been squished!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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