More Sawdust!

This morning, I was covered from head to toe in sawdust, both from the table-saw, and sanding!

I cut up some scrap mahogany into 1\” x 1\” strips for the trim, the idea being that it will create a lip on top of the board, so any loose marbles can\’t roll off.

I then cut the mitres on the trim using my mitre sled

It certainly made the job a lot easier, and the mitres were perfect, no adjustment needed.

I decided to take my time attaching the trim, I have only glued it, so I numbered each piece and side, then attached one piece at a time, clamping it and leaving each side for 20 minutes to dry.

Once they were all fitted, it was time for more sanding, I started with 80 grit, and finished on 120 grit, it\’s only a game after all, so this was certainly good enough.

With the mahogany being reclaimed timber, there were nail holes and a few other defects, so I mixed up some of the sawdust from earlier,with glue, filled the holes, and re-sanded.

The board was then complete, I gave it four or five coats of spray lacquer, and put it to one side.

Now it was the turn of the marbles, I think I said previously, I could get marbles, but there were no choice of colours, for this I needed six different colours, leaving one set the original colour, I picked out five spray paints I had left over from when I created \’Parqués\’, and set about spraying them.

The game is now complete and ready to play Chinese Checkers!!

Now I just have to learn how!!!!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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