Chinese Checker Board

I decided to make a start, so using Matthias Wandell\’s \’Big Print\’, I printed off the pattern for the board to the exact measurements required.

This took four sheets of paper, so having cut my laminated oak board to size, I taped the pattern onto the board.

Then using my hammer and a center punch, I punched the centre of each circle. which left me with this.

Now I had two options, one was to make a wooden template and cut holes for my router bit to slot through ensuring exact placing, or go for it freehand. I decided that as it was for me, I would choose the latter, it didn\’t have to be 100% exact.

I used my old plunge router, and from the sound of it, I will be looking for a replacement before too long!, but with that and a bull nose bit.

I set to work, although the bit is rounded, when spinning you can see a pointed tip, which I aimed into each punched hole and plunged.

Although I say it myself, I think I managed to get every hole spot on, and saved myself a lot of time by doing it freehand.  Then it was time for the trial!

Thankfully the bit was the exact size for these marbles, and they sit comfortably in the holes. You can buy dedicated  marble plunge cutting bits, but just for one or two boards this does an excellent job.

Now for some sanding, and then I am going to make a mahogany trim to go around it, before finishing it with lacquer.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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