Bedside Tables…Finished!

I started early today, the first job was preparing the drawer fronts, I decided that because they are recessed it would not have looked right, to route the edges, I sanded them up to 320 grit, then drilled and fitted the handle screws in place. They then had a coat of varnish, and were left to dry.

I made some stops, out of scrap mahogany to stop the drawers coming all the way out, they are just held to the back of each drawer by a single screw, so if needed, you can reach in and turn the stop to remove the drawer.

The drawer knobs were then epoxied onto the screws, I was determined that the problem that always bugs me with bought furniture, where after a while the handle pulls off the screw, was not going to happen here.

Time then to fit the drawer fronts, I used a brass spacer bar to set the position in front of the drawer, and then screwed through from the inside. Because the fronts are only screwed on, they could always be changed at a later date, if there was damage, or a change of design.

Time then to fit the tops, they are just pocket-holes screwed from underneath, again if there is any damage they can now be replaced.

I masked off the units and took them outside, where I sprayed the tops with lacquer to give some protection from a wet glass or anything else damp.

Back inside, I then glued and brad nailed the backs on, replaced the drawers, job finished!

They will now sit in the workshop for a day or two, until any fumes have dissipated, and at some time in the future, I will line the drawers, but that is not urgent.

As for any more big projects, not for a while, it will be back to maintenance now!!

Since posting these photos, I have noticed my deliberate error!… the left unit top drawer front is upside down, I will have to change that over the week-end!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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