Peace Reigns Once Again

If you want a peaceful life you have to give in, otherwise life isn\’t worth living, so despite an increase in the company expenses, I went off to Homecenter this morning and bought 2m of  1/2\”copper pipe, four \’T\’ joints, eight stop ends, and some copper polish.

Back home I cut two bases from some scrap mahogany, putting a 30° cut on each end, and drilling two 5/8\” holes in each base to take the copper pipe.

I then cut the pipe to length, polished all the parts, it was then time to don the rubber gloves, to avoid getting oil from my skin on the newly cleaned pipes.

I put the build together using silicon glue, just to keep it in place, and then sprayed all the copper and the wooden bases with varnish, to stop the metal tarnishing…for the time being, anyway, I know it will never get cleaned, so this was the only way to preserve it.

Someone is now happy again, she has two bangle/bracelet stands, and is at the moment causing chaos in my workshop trying to \’salvage\’ the orginal stand,… I just know it is going to end up in the bin, I\’ve seen it 🙂

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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