Call Me \’Odd Job\’!

Today has been one of messing with smaller things, to get bigger jobs completed later.

Firstly, I cleared all the building materials from the work area at the back of the house, so I am not tripping, when handling the new, or old glazed window,  also so that I can render our side of the concrete block wall I had built to stop the neighbours wandering in.

As you can just see in the middle of the concrete wall, our gecko family(Here they just call them lizards or legartos) were not very happy, I had moved all their cover, and they went scampering in every direction.
That done, it was down to the workshop, I have finally ordered a Dado blade for my Tablesaw, this is a new experience for me, they are illegal in the UK and much of Europe, but in the US they are a regular tool, however I also need an insert for the saw to take the extra width of the blade. Unfortunately the companies I use to import from Amazon want a 250% mark up on the price, even allowing for transport and import tax, that is ridiculous.
Some people make them out of wood or plastic kitchen cutting boards, but mine is designed so it is held in place by magnets, therefore the only option I can think of is metal.
Therefore I have made a plywood template, and will go off to my friendly Metal Fabricators when I have time, and ask if they can cut one from steel, if they can\’t, then I have hit a brick wall
Now I can only wait and hope!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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