I started rendering again this morning, around the kitchen window, but it was the proverbial pain

There just wasn\’t enough room to get any tool behind the reja/bars, so I had to do it using my hand, that still lead to problems, despite wetting the wall before hand, the render kept falling off. I had to build it up in layers, as our builders recessed the new window by 1 1/2\”, and that had to be brought out to the existing wall. It took nearly a whole barrow load to get it done, half on the wall, half on the floor! I\’m still not happy with it, but I\’ve done the best I can. If I had the funds, I would get someone in to do this job, I haven\’t, so needs must, I can\’t wait to get back to woodwork.
Once it is dry, I will paint the wall, and then the reja.
In the mean time, I have to get the rest finished, before the serious storms move in.
That means going to buy the new window frame this week without fail, and ordering the reja, I can\’t use the existing one, as it is welded into the frame. I found out today that it is the umpteenth National Fiesta this Friday, so I will have to go before then.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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