Work to replace our stairway \’Roof\’

Our staircase is outside the house, as are many in Colombia, when we bought the place it had a corrugated plastic roof held up with wood batten, not very professionally installed considering the bloke was a builder, as you can see here.

So the decision was made to have this replaced, both so it looked nicer, and also to make it more weatherproof, as rain could come over the top into the lounge if the door was open.

Yesterday, work began! the old roof was stripped off, and they started by constructed a metal frame, Once this was done it was removed and placed on the lawn and the polycarbonate panel placed on top and cut to size, attached, and with a bit of help from myself, put back in place.

This was a bit more complicated for then, because they had to construct a separate back panel, to be used as a sliding trap door for access to the main roof.

Once all installed, this left a problem, because to raise the frame above the entrance door, the other side was then well above the height of the wall, leaving access for wind and rain, so they are coming back today to finish off, and to build up the wall, which I will render next week.

This is where we are up to:

So far I am really pleased with the work, I just hope the finished product is all it seems to be.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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