Wooden Tool Tote

I needed something to carry my tools in tomorrow, I am helping Marcela set up her Stand for the Fería in Bello, they should technically provide all she needs, but we know they wont. I gave away all my plastic tool boxes, because I can\’t stand the things, I looked at a canvas tool bag, but they are expensive here, and I have had one previously, you end up having to take all your tools out to find the one, that is at the bottom.

So this morning it was into the workshop, sort out my plywood scraps, and got to work on a tool tote, it only consists of six pieces, the base, two sides, two ends, and the divider/handle. I have cut the sides and base so they connect at 30°, this way, it not only looks better, but is easier to get to the tools.

 The divider, I routed the top using a 1/4\” roundover bit, and the same around the handle. I put it together with glue and brad nails using the airnailer, so in a couple of hours it was done.

Why put my name on it?, because if I don\’t it will disappear as soon as my back is turned, All my tools down to my pliers and screwdrivers have my Colombian ID \’engraved\’ into them where possible, sad but true.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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