Blind as a bat!

Another night of rain, at least it stopped in time for me to take Pépe for his walk! After breakfast I caught up with the news and the latest batch of friends undertaking the \’Ice Bucket Challenge\’, then I woke Marcela.

We left here about 10am, and headed across the City for our eyesight tests with SURA, they were late starting, because there had been a meeting, we had 15 minute slots, but the Optician didn\’t keep to that, I seemed to be with her for ages. My eyesight has deteriorated, she has recommended that I wear glasses permanently, therefore rather than have three sets as I have now (Driving/Reading/Computer) she has recommended varifocals, or as they call them here, progressives, all my current spectacles are from a UK prescription nearly four years ago, and I think my newest pair are three years old, so it was time to have a new frame as well. I will have to be careful, at the moment I have about a dozen pairs in various places around the house and car, to go from that, to one pair, is highly dangerous!

I have never paid so much for glasses, and that is with a 20% discount on my health plan, but as Marcela pointed out, I am really buying three pairs in one, as to when I will get them, they were not sure, Marcela\’s will take five days, mine longer, lets hope they are better than the attempt over a year ago by Multi Optica!

From there we headed into the City, that is no fun at the moment, because there are road closures and delays, whilst they are installing the new Tram system, it seems a bit shortsighted to me, they would have been better building and underground Metro system, but I guess this was the cheaper option, as it turned out it was a wasted trip, we had gone to the Registro, to collect the property registration they had wrongly drawn up, but unfortunately we were missing a vital piece of paper, so will have to call back again.

We then out to the Chery workshop, for the clutch on the Tiggo to be adjusted, the Manager said it was normal for new ones to need adjustment, I\’m not so sure, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

Then it was back home,  I managed to get fertilizer on most of the garden before the rain started again, also a bit of reorganising in the workshop to make way for a few more tools that arrived during the week.

I have been asked what the view is like from the zona de ropa, now I have removed the green material and replaced it with the wooden fencing, I tried to take a photo this morning, but it was too grey and dismal, I will take a photo next time the sun is out and post it, it is definitely better than looking at nothing but green!

Tomorrow, weather allowing, I want to erect the fence on the outside staircase landing, and if it looks as if I am not going to be able to work on the kiosko roof, then I will try to go for some more timber to make more racking in the workshop, and also some shelving upstairs in the second shower room, that isn\’t!!! at the moment it is a junk store, and I am going to shelve it out so we can use it as a store room.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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