Weather changing!

Dull and drizzle started the day, still 22° but felt more like 12°, it was cold! I think President Santos got his facts wrong when he warned us all that El Niño was coming and it would be hot and arid for nine months, it looks as if our second winter is coming as normal, end of August, which is a bit of a bummer, as it will delay getting the new roof done on the kiosko.

Marcela was out early for her nail session, and a dental appointment, I started by injecting the chemical into the termite holes, in the roof joist, they seem to have only effected one, but they have had a good chomp, I was injecting the chemical in one hole, and wondering where on earth it was going, until it appeared out of another three inches away! Hopefully the problem is now solved, I will just have to wait and see if we have anymore sawdust.

I then put in a load of washing, and did a bit in the garden, before heading for the workshop.

Marcela returned about 11.30am, I was pottering at the time, I need to get started on the new roof for the kiosko, but until I finish the other wood projects I haven\’t got enough work space, and with the change in the weather it might be delayed further. I decided I needed a sliding tablesaw crosscut jig, so got to work making it out of scrap lying around the workshop, while glued parts were drying, I got under way with the post and rail fence for the landing area of our outside staircase, the idea being, to make it safer when descending, also to stop Pépe using this as a  take off and landing point, when taking a shortcut across Marcela\’s  flower border!

The tricky part for the fence, is that the wall pillar is at an angle to the steps, so I either had to knock holes in the pillar and cement the wood in, or cut a post to straighten the angle to 90°, because I am not happy with a lot of the construction here, I decided on the latter, so spent a bit of time with a template getting the 19° just right, this then had to be cut on the table saw, thank goodness for my new brass fitting, it worked a treat.

I now have my completed crosscut jig, and also all the components cut for the fence, it has taken all day, but I am not pressed for time.

Again no, or little work tomorrow, because we both have optician\’s appointments in the morning, on the other side of Medellin, which reminds me, I must look out my old prescriptions!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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