I didn\’t get around to posting last night, I was fuming, and thought it better to wait until I had calmed down.

We went for my medical appointment, only to be turned away, because we didn\’t have authorisation from SURA the insurance company that runs this Health Service, sorry…but I don\’t need authorisation, that is the whole idea of having and paying for the complementary plan, to bypass the process, it also states this in my contract, we have checked! Despite phone calls from the Clinic, they were not budging, so we had to leave. The Receptionist was great, she tried her best, and promised to get me another appointment as soon as possible, which she did, I received an email later giving me another appointment next Saturday, now I, or rather Marcela have to sort out SURA. Bring back Comfenalco!!!

Marcela has spoken to the Doctor\’s Secretary, who asked for the test, they will forward me the medical notes, it appears I then have to take these to SURA, so nothing is private. She has also spoken with my Assessor from SURA, who  has asked for full details of the incident, because it appears that the Call Centre person responsible for Complimentary Plans, has no idea how they operate.

We are considering filing a complaint with the Superintendencía de Salud, because at the moment it looks as if I am paying for a service I am not getting.

From the Clinic, we went for lunch, and then visited Hernan, Marcela\’s uncle, to pick up some old engine oil, we have both decided that despite the cost, the creosote type paint sold for wood preservation is not for us, despite it being nearly a week since I coated the timber, the smell is still as strong as ever, and it has not been absorbed into the timber, so we have to keep well away when in good clothes. So it is back to the good old engine oil, I used when in the UK, and in Spain, and it is free!

Then it was food shopping, before heading home, stopping on the way to collect a peach tree we had ordered, to replace one of the mango\’s we removed, the next will be a lemon tree,  but I will have to be careful which variety I buy, they have lemon mandarin trees here, which are sweet, not exactly what you want in a gin and tonic! All citrus fruits here are green, oranges, lemons, and every variety of those, the only time you see orange oranges, or yellow lemons are those imported, however once the skins are removed, you wouldn\’t know the difference, the only way you know if they are ripe, is by feel.

Back home, I changed and planted the peach tree, whilst Marcela was cleaning the pool area, ready for the family today.

I am not sure that the family will be worried about the pool, it has rained hard all night, and is still drizzling at 7am, although it can all changed in a matter of minutes, it could be blistering hot later this morning, we will just have to wait and see. Marcela has just dragged herself out of bed, with a little help from Pépe, and is going over to Bello to collect them.

I am not working today, I was going to cut the grass, but that is not an option at the moment, so it looks like a day relaxing, and maybe working on the security camera, which although working, is causing a few headaches in setting up the software.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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