Ouch! that hurt…

There must be something in the air, I was awake again at 4.30am, I wish I knew why, Marcela says I must be worrying about something, if I am, I don\’t know what.

After breakfast, we headed off to Bello to pick up the Security camera and alarm siren, they were not there! despite Marcela ringing them on Wednesday and arranging that we would collect them, they had been returned to the central depot in Medellin, give him his due, the lad owned up and apologised, I couldn\’t say anything else, we all make mistakes, anyway the siren was still on it\’s way, so he arranged for that to be returned to Bello, and we collected it after doing some other chores, but the camera will have to wait until tomorrow, which is a pain, it is not as if the office is just down the road.

We traipsed around a couple of Building suppliers, looking for parales, or acrow-props, I am going to need them to replace a couple of supports that hold the house roof up, the previous owner had just inserted a couple of bits of timber and hoped for the best. We found one small shop that was prepared to sell me second hand ones, half price, no problem as long as they work, so we got a couple of those, covered in rust, but otherwise fine.

We then stopped for lunch, before going for my Dental appointment, I had taken my teeth cleaning equipment with me, but as we were eating, I suddenly realised I had forgotten to bring the Specialist x-rays with me, so we rushed the meal, and raced home, before going to Copacabana. Yesika  had just returned off her holidays, and I think someone must have upset her, she checked out the x-rays, I hadn\’t seen her since I lost me crown in the UK, so that came as a surprise, then came my surprise, she was going to clean up under the gums, overall I lost count, after I had had 21 injections of local anesthetic, Marcela and I were both worried by the number I was given, I have had a injections many times to numb the area, before treatment but this was something else, I couldn\’t feel the lower part of my head, never mind mouth, it was really weird.

Yesika said that the pain I was having on the left side, was a tooth in decay, unfortunately up under the gum, so I have yet another appointment next week with Marleny, who is the one who abstracted my last tooth and had my plate done, she will decide if the tooth can be  saved or not, because it is at the back, if it is not important in holding the plate in place, I will ask for it to be removed, and go back to being \’Gappy\’ again, I\’m not having another plate made so soon after the other one, if I can help it.

We then went for an ice-cream, I couldn\’t have a Super Macedonia, I couldn\’t feel anything, to eat safely, but even that was a waste of money, I had no sensation of the cold,  I was just spooning it in.

Back home, I sanded down my parales, and started to paint them, despite stopping at Homecenter when we had lunch, I couldn\’t find any coloured gloss, other than in a spray can, so they will have to be black, along with everything else!

Tomorrow, back to Bello for the Security camera, and also hopefully to the Timber Yard to order all my timber for the kiosko roof, and a couple of fences I want to put up.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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