A bit of this and a bit of that…

It was hard for Marcela this morning, she had to be up at 6.30am, to go on a morning course, normally she only knows one 6.30 in the day, and it is not morning! I had already been up for an hour, and taken Pépe for his walk. After Marcela left, I started work, the first job of the day was to fix the Flag supports to the balcony wall, I say supports, because there will be one for the Colombian flag and one for the English (not UK) flag, tomorrow is a Colombian National Fiesta celebrating a victory in battle ( La Batalla de Boyacá), so the Colombian Flag will go up, (The English Flag is on order!)

Once that was done, I decided that the grass needed cutting again, and this time I would cut the grass on the new turf as well, once I had finished in the garden, I went out onto the bank, roadside, and started, suddenly I knew what I had hit, I hadn\’t seen it, but a dog had done a lovely sloppy one, just ready for me to come along, the brushcutter sent it in every direction…lovely!

Washing done, and put on the line, I then started paint stripping in the kiosko again, I bought some Dewalt sanding discs yesterday, as I had run out, thinking that Dewalt was reliable, even though they were about 40% more expensive, I assumed they would make up for that in sanding…wrong! they are not as good as the cheapies, in fact I would go as far as to say they are rubbish, but I will have to make do until I have used them up.

I then had a shower, and was doing some computer work, during which I came across a website called, Multilingual Living, there were two excellent articles/posts on there, I could relate to both of them, the first was \’10 Reasons Why You Should Not Marry A Foreigner\’, and the second \’10 Reasons Why You Should Marry A Foreigner\’, they make interesting reading if you have a couple of minutes to spare.

Finally, Marcela rang to say she had finished her course early, so I packed up, got the motorcycle out, when Marcela rang to say she had arrived at Mi Gallo Tuerto, I headed down to join her for lunch, I walked in to find my meal on the table waiting for me!

I haven\’t got my security camera yet, I was waiting for a second package, which was going to the same Courier Office, to arrive, to save making two journeys, this package is an external siren for the house alarm, they both arrived this afternoon, I will collect them on Friday, being a Holiday, it is shut tomorrow, and I have to go out anyway, to the Dentist on Friday, for a consultation re my gum problem.

Still no sign of Conrado today, he said if not today it will be tomorrow, but to be honest, it is not urgent, so he can chop the trees down when he is ready.

Yet another body has turned up in the river today, I can see that I had better be careful and not upset anyone, this seems to be the poplar way of disposing of the unwanted here at the moment, the authorities are very slow in making any comment, probably, because they haven\’t got an answer to the problem, I could certainly make a few suggestions, as I have said previously if they reduced Police numbers, gave them better training and pay, they would be more inclined to protect the community, unfortunately they are not in any way shape or form in the same mode as the British Police, who despite their faults, serve their Communities to the best of their ability; Here that is not the case, when it comes to general policing, probably because it is based on the military style, rather than civilian policing.

Right, I\’ll get off my soap box, and read my book!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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