Mixed Bag!

We left home about 10am, by the time Madam had finished her calls, we made our way into the City for one one of the medical tests I have got to have, no appointment needed… no, but they only do them between 7-9am so we were too late!

Back to Bello, to a Supermarket, Marcela\’s sister, Sandra, had said was cheap as chips! I don\’t think I have ever in my life been in a supermarket that was so full you could hardly see any spare floor space, it was packed, and yes, it is much cheaper than the one we normally go to, but no one can say it is a pleasant experience, we had a big shop today, and my bill was probably two thirds what I normally pay for the same trolley load, but I will still think twice before going again, or maybe try to find out if there is a time that it is not that busy, it was horrendous.

We still had to call at our usual supermarket to get a couple of things, not sold in the other, I also went to Homecenter, and bought a stand alone alarm system for the workshop, I was going to put it on the house system, but then I needed the sensor for another part of the house, and decided there were a number of reasons to give it it\’s own system, which I have spent the late afternoon, early evening fitting, so now we are totally alarmed, and hopefully tomorrow the security camera will arrive.

We stopped at the garden center on the way home, and bought some marigolds and a couple of others, to put in the border between the \’lawn\’ and the gravel, Marcela has been planting those, whilst I installed the alarm.

Marcela told me, that it was on the news earlier that another headless body has been fished out of the river, it seems that law and order is deteriorating in Medellin, it is time for the Authorities to pulls their heads from up each others arses, and put a stop to the problems, before it becomes more than just a problem. They seem keener on making life difficult for the ordinary people than enforcing the laws that are already in force, the latest being that the Mayor of Bello, has brought in the same law as Medellin, where two males are not allowed on the same motorcycle, to stop drive by shootings, it doesn\’t work, because neither the Police or Transito  make any effort to stop them if they see them, it is just a joke.

Tomorrow, Marcela is off early on a course, and I will get stuck into some more work here.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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