Late start!

Marcela went to her concert, and rang me just before 3am, Oscar had brought them back to Bello, so Pépe and I went off to collect her, and we got back to bed just before 4am.

I woke, and it was daylight, couldn\’t believe it, 8am and no sign of Pépe! we went for our walk, on our return we were both starving, so we had breakfast, and then I started painting, the gate to the tool shed is now completed, another job off the list, I say gate, because we had a reja put there, rather than a door, to avoid any problems with gas fumes from the gas bottles.

I then decided I couldn\’t put it off any longer, and I have installed the house security system, and funnily enough it works! it not only has any alarm, but also sends messages to our mobiles, and if I get that far, I can also connect the main phone line. That has taken me all afternoon, and it is Sunday after all, so I am calling it a day.

Tomorrow, Conrado, one of our neighbours, is coming round, he has quoted to cut down the two sky high mango trees, he isn\’t happy about it, but we will plant another fruit tree for each that is taken down, their growth will be controlled. We don\’t like the type of mango on these trees, and they shed their leaves and sap all over the place, it is a shame, I know the garden will look bare without them, but we have to be practical.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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