One Smart Boy!

Pépe had the best haircut he has ever had, and was as good as gold, thank goodness we decided to stick with the second peluqueria!


They took over two hours, and rang us when he was ready.

After collecting him, I hitched up the trailer and went off to the other side of Medellin again for more timber, on my way back, motorists kept pulling alongside and shouting (I thought) \’llanta\’, which means tyre, I kept pulling over but everything seemed fine, after the fifth time, I was becoming paranoid, and thought maybe the wheel was about to come off, so before I got home, I rang Marcela, and asked her to stand outside the neighbours, and look at the wheel as I passed, however another motorist shouted, so I stopped again, looked at the trailer wheels, they were fine, gave it a kick, and went to get back in the car, and a passer by, who had heard the motorist shout, said \’No…Puerta!\’ it was my back passenger door that was not completely shut, nothing to do with the wheels, what a relief! I need my hearing checking.
Last night, we were watering, when Doña Ampero came out to head off for a night out, she told us to be careful, as there have been a number of local burglaries, well that set Marcela off, she has become paranoid, as I told her, we can only take sensible precautions, otherwise it will be like living in a prison, and I won\’t have that. However it has spurred me on to install the alarm system!
The situation in Medellin has deteriorated to a degree, there is a gang war going on in the center, to rule the drug trade, and they are using grenades, over the last few weeks four or five have been detonated, I don\’t know what casualties there have been, but it is not very pleasant for anyone.
This morning, had a dental appointment at 8am, I have been having a few problems with my new dentures, so they made some adjustments, I think one problem has changed for another, but I will give it another couple of weeks.
 I have given my main gate a coat of oil, the wood has been shrinking in the heat, and opened up some of the T&G, I can\’t reverse that but hopefully I can contain it. I wasn\’t forking out a fortune on wood oil, so I spent slightly less on a gallon of cheap engine oil even so by Colombian standards, that was expensive at £12.50.
This afternoon, Marcela had a business meeting in Niquia, so I went along, dropped her off, and continued to Bello, to collect the flag supports, to be screwed to the wall, to fly our flags, one for Colombia, the other for England (when I get it), the Colombians are very patriotic when it comes to flying their flag, it goes up at every opportunity, so now we just have to decide where they are going, certainly not near the road, where they will get stolen.
I am being a Taxi tonight, this afternoon, we had a last minute invitation to a big Salsa Concert in Medellin, as VIP guests, I told Marcela that I will take her, and collect her in the early hours, if she rings when it is over, now I just hope that her Brother in Law, Oscar, ensures that they get in, he works for the Company that is setting it all up.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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