All\’s Well!

Yesterday morning, Marcela met up with the neighbour and went off to try and establish the problem with the waste water, there is no sign of leakage near Señor Lopez\’ house, but there is a problem further down, they spoke with another neighbour who is not connected to the pipe, but through whose land it goes, and for some unknown reason, her brother had cut the pipe some time ago, and it now flows onto their land, and not into the river, because there is going to be an official enquiry she will get her brother to fix the problem at their end. Marcela then contacted the local water office, to try and get the phone number for Señor Lopez, easier than we thought, he is the Boss of the Department, not just a retired local! José the Manager said he would speak with him and get back to us later.

We headed off to Las Vegas at 12.30pm for my 2pm appointment with the Urologist, true to form here, he arrived ten minutes late for his afternoon session, then kept us waiting another fifteen minutes whilst he chatted with the Receptionist. However prior to this Marcela had a long conversation with Señor Lopez, he seems convinced that we are the problem, but he only wants it resolving, not to cause problems, he says that because we have a washing machine, he can hear when it is going, and then sees the water coming his way…more on that later, but he is going to arrange to be at the house this week-end to show us, it appears he does not live their full time.

After giving Dr. Bencardino the history of the problem, it was time for the examination, although Marcela was present throughout, it did not stop me winding her up afterwards, he had a lovely bedside manner…ha!ha!

After the examination, he said that he did not think that there were any abnormalities, but because we were trying for a baby, he wanted me to have two other tests, if they backed up his theory, then leave well alone, otherwise it will involve surgery, once I have the results, I have to go back just for him to make that decision.

Because it was mid afternoon we then had a late lunch, before returning home, where Marcela brought the other neighbour up to date over Señor Lopez, it turns out that all the neighbours have washing machines, so it looks as if Señor Lopez if jumping the gun, by laying the blame at our door. That evening the neighbours opened up the lid to the waste water, and ran the hose down it, there appeared to be no problem and no leakage, so we will just have to wait until we can all go and inspect the suspect location at the week-end.

This morning we have to be in Copacabana for Pépe\’s 9am Peluquería appointment, so it is time to sign off, I will post any updates later.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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