Strange Day

It has been a strange sort of day, it seems to have gone on for ever, but ask me what I have done, and I am struggling to tell you.

I did some work on the computer first thing, I seem to have accumulated dozens of business cards since arriving in Colombia, they were piling up on my desk, and to be honest were a nuisance, but I didn\’t want to chuck them, because it is hard enough to find people here for different reasons. I searched for and came up with Cam Card it\’s free, and gives you access to your cards both from your mobile, and your PC, so far I am really impressed, and long may it continue, because I have now ditched my cards in the bin!

After breakfast, I found my hot air gun, and started removing paint from the kiosko pillars, which are the only part of the structure that will remain, what a travesty, the wood under the paint is beautiful, it certainly won\’t be painted again, stained yes, or maybe only oil to protect it, after a light sanding it came up as new, I just hope they all come out with the same result.

Marcela received a phone call from the Canine Peluquera at ESPECIES, who had let us down yesterday, she said that the Boss had told her to ring and apologise, and she was offering, under instruction, a free session for Pépe, Marcela said she would speak with me and ring back. As I pointed out, there was no hint of remorse at the time, she was ringing under instruction, did we really want to risk her getting her own back through Pépe, and the other place was really friendly, so for the sake of a freebie, we will forget it.

Then it was time to go out, I had to go to a Specialist X-ray company to have my whole mouth x-rayed, because the dentist thinks I have a gum problem, and wanted it confirming. We arrived, and paid up, as this is not on the Health Service, they told Marcela it would take an hour, as I had to have sixteen x-rays (I bet I will glow in the dark tonight!) however as I was the only patient, 15 minutes later I was walking out of the door with my x-rays, whilst ringing Marcela to find out where she was!

From Bello it was back to Niquía, to Homecenter, with a faulty water pump, I bought it to make life easier for Marcela when dealing with the pool, but it appears to be faulty, despite priming it, it is not sucking! Unfortunately despite speaking to the Manager, they wouldn\’t do a straight swap, it has got to go to their repair department, who will either repair or authorise a replacement, but as we stated we needed it for immediate use, they have sent it priority, whether that will make any difference, I have no idea.

On the way home, I stopped at the Builders Yard, to see if they had fine sand, rather than the course stuff, I have been using so far, and yes at £1.30 a sack, Marcela said we would take two sacks with us…whoa!!! where are you going to put it? in the back of course!!! Oh really, on top of your food shopping? Ahhh! forgot about that, OK he\’ll come back for the sand. Ha!Ha! fortunately we could all laugh about it.

Back home, I did a bit more on the kiosko paint removal, and then called it a day. Marcela went off to try and trace the mysterious Señor Lopez, no one seems to know much about him, one of our neighbours said she would meet with us in the morning, and we will try to solve the problem of the pipe, which no one thinks goes anywhere near Señor Lopez property, but we will just have to wait and see.

Marcela then kindly became my peluquera and gave me a haircut, outside, so there was no cleaning up!

Tomorrow, I have a medical appointment on the other side of Medellin early afternoon, so I doubt that much else will get done.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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