Not accomplished much

Yesterday, was  more of a clerical day, we headed off for a 10am appointment at the Notary in Bello, where we met up with Sandra and Sebastian, signed what had to be signed, and then moved on, as Marcela and Sandra had something else to sort out, this took us to the Commercial Centre,  and it was lunchtime, so there wasn\’t much choice but to eat out again, this is becoming the norm, rather than the exception, but as it is so cheap, it really doesn\’t bother me.

I then parted company with the family, because they were returning to the family home, to prepare to go out that evening to a Salsa Concert. I went off to the DIY store, and purchased a new blade for my table-saw, and some other bits, then called at Agrocultural store to buy a couple of bones for Pépe, before heading home.

Back home, Pépe wasn\’t sure what to make of the bone, as it has not been something that he normally has, but as he won\’t let me clean his teeth, I am hoping this will help in that department, as he is starting to get a tartar problem.

I then  fitted my new saw blade, and listened to the distant roll of thunder, sure enough later in the evening, the thunder storm arrived, and I had a message from Marcela to say they were leaving the concert, which fortunately was free, and heading to a Salsa Bar, to avoid getting any wetter than they already were.

I went to bed and read, putting my light out about 11.30pm, Pépe decided he wanted to go out at 11.40pm, and then wouldn\’t come back in, so I shut the door on him, leaving him in the garden. At 1am, I was woken (I am a very light sleeper), but Pépe scratching at the door, so I let him back in, it was still raining hard, I just went back to bed, to be woken at the usual time of 5.30, to which I told Pépe where he could go, and went back to sleep, waking at 6.40am, it was still drizzling, I opened the door for Pépe, and went for a shower, going for a walk about 7.30.

I went over to collect Marcela just after 11am, we had to go shopping, we didn\’t arrive home until 2.30pm. after playing with Pépe for a while, we both went for a siesta, and that is another day gone!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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