He ate a wasp!

What a day… I was going to get so much done in the garden, but it was an absolute scorcher, it would have been stupid to even try working out there.

After taking Pépe for his walk, I prepared lunch, as Marcela was out for the morning, due to lack of practice, my stock menu is curry, so chicken curry it was, it didn\’t take long, and then it was time for breakfast.

We waited for Mauricio the Mayor Domo for the estate up the road, to call at 9am, he was going to look at the Mango trees, to see if he was able to take the tops off, when you think of fruit trees, you think of leaning a ladder up against the biggest to reach the fruit, well our two, you couldn\’t even reach with a Cherry picker, they look down on the roof of our house, and need bringing down to a manageable level. Unfortunately for whatever reason he never turned up, so at 9.30am Marcela headed off to Medellin, and I headed into the workshop.

Marcela was rightly worried, because the chemicals for both the swimming pool and garden, were just stored on the floor of a store room, off one of the downstairs bedrooms, where kids or Pépe could get access, so I decided that whilst I couldn\’t work outside, I would work on resolving this.

I decided that making a series of shelves, using the \’French Cleat\’ system, was both the easiest and most functional method to resolve this, and being tucked away out of everyday sight, I could make it out of scrap wood left over from other jobs.

Marcela arrived back about mid day, and then we had a mini crisis, Pépe ate a wasp, it stung him, we think on the tongue, he felt very sorry for himself, and just wanted to lie down, so we kept a close watch on him, and were ready to whisk him off to the Vet if needs be. However after some coaxing, he sucked on ice, and then slowly started to take an interest in other things again, as the day wore on he was more his old self, and although still feeling sorry for himself, I was happy that he wasn\’t going to have any other reaction.

After lunch, Marcela started cleaning the pool again, and I returned to the shelving project, by 5pm I had finished, and Marcela was winding up her pool maintenance, it was still hot, why have a pool and not use it? It has taken Marcela from our return from the UK, until now, to get the pool totally clean again, but it was sparkling,  and Marcela said warm, as she was first in…Who was she kidding, I knew it was going to feel cold at first, but I nearly jumped straight out again! However it was lovely, refreshing, and I felt better for the dip.

Tomorrow we have a Notary appointment mid morning, in Bello,  I will stay over there for lunch, and then return on my own, Marcela is going out with Maria Elena and Sandra to a Salsa Concert, that is one of the good things over here, the Alcaldia put on quite a few free concerts, in all the towns. I was invited, and would love to go, however because it is free, and if you want a good view, you have to be there at least three hours before it officially starts, I say officially, because sometimes it can be up to an hour late starting, I just haven\’t got the patience to stand/sit there for that length of time just waiting, so there is no point in me going, and ruining the event for the family.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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