It\’s a hard life!

This morning we went down to Copacabana for Marcela\’s 9am nail appointment, I went off to look for a Vet and Peluquería, and within one minute I had succeeded, it was only around the corner!! What was I going to do for the rest of the morning, well firstly I went for a torte de carne, and café con leche.

Then it was twiddle my thumbs again, ahhh! yes, I toddled off to the Servientrega office, to query why Servientrega wouldn\’t leave any parcels there for pickup. It turns out that it is another Agency, and not an official office, it is a stationary store, however the owner an elderly Gentleman, was helpfulness itself, and told me not to worry, but in future to put my name and phone number, but their address, and it would be delivered to him, he would ring, and I could collect it. What a lovely Bloke! so after all the \”muy amables\” etc. it was a shake of hands, and back to twiddling my thumbs.

I then found an ice-cream parlour I hadn\’t visited before, I don\’t know why, but I was drawn in, and had the equivalent of a Super Macedonia, I have to say, it was not up to the standard of our normal establishment, that doesn\’t open until lunchtime, some odd looking fruit, and granola (horse food) thrown in for good measure, but it was better than nothing, on a boiling hot day.

Finally after two and a half hours, Marcela was done, but I have to say, if I had been sat in the chair she was in, I wouldn\’t have wanted to rush it either!

On the way home we stopped at Mi Gallo Tuerto for menu of the day, and then home, work… after, my mornings intake, I could hardly move!

So I started off by doing some work online, then we had a call from my Accountant, with excellent news, I haven\’t got to pay any tax, according to the Tax Authority, I gave my Spanish house away at a loss, and my pension is nearly half that which incurs any tax, so it looks as if the only bill is for the Accountant, thank you Cecilia, you have more than earned your £64!!!!! I just hope there are no more surprises.

As it cooled off, I went down and put my electric chainsaw together, and tried it out on some tree stumps, it was like a knife through butter, but it uses a fair bit of oil on the self lubricating chain, I will have to buy some more.

After trying our the saw, it was time to water, and I caught two lads ripping the rebar and danger tape out of the my turf banking, they ran off, and when I asked them \’Why?\’, I got a sarky response \’Why…what?\’ as they ran up the hill, there was no point in going after them, they would have left me standing. But when Marcela heard, she was off, like a bloodhound, she was ready to rip heads off, not so much for the vandalism, but the way they spoke to me. I must be getting old, I remember the days, I would have wanted to get hold of them, now I just want to break their arms, so they can\’t do it again. Fortunately for them, Marcela couldn\’t ID them, and back she came, but then she dragged me back with her, on the pretext of buying an ice-cream, however other than the colour of their T shirt, I wouldn\’t be able to ID them, without my glasses, I am going as blind as a bat.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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