Hot! Hot! Hot!

Yesterday, went much as planned, we went off and did our food shopping, I wasn\’t able to price my chainsaw, because they hadn\’t got the one I wanted, I will have to go to a bigger branch, possibly tomorrow.

Back home, I started on the gardening again, until after dark, as it was cool, then we had a BBQ, just the three of us… yes, Pépe has his sausage to! It was nice, because it was warm out, and no pressure.

However all good things come to an end, we had a call from our Accountant, she is in the middle of doing my tax return, and unfortunately the Colombian Government want a slice of the sale of my house in Spain, so the rest of the evening was spent sending as many documents as we could find, to reduce the final sum I will have to pay, now it is just fingers crossed, and wait to see what transpires.

Today, Marcela went off to Bello and the City, to do some business. I nipped down to Copacabana on the bike to pay the deposit on the balustrades, while I still have some money in the bank, then returned to do some gardening, but this entailed humping sacks of chippings around, and it was boiling, so I kicked that into touch, until it cooled down later.

We heard today, that if we think \’El Niño\’ has started we are sadly mistaken, we still have that pleasure, so what is this heatwave then? Boy, this isn\’t going to be much fun!

I went to the office, and my file download had finally finished after four days, so I started re-organising the computer, I completed the 97 Windows updates by doing them in batches of nine at a time, but each time I had to reboot the computer, so it was a slow process, then I upgraded to Windows 8.1, and finally re entered the details to \’Pro\’ which allowed me to change the language to English, but by that time, I was happily working with Spanish, it was only because I had previously paid for the upgrade, otherwise I would have stuck with Spanish.

Marcela arrived back early afternoon, bringing a Chinese meal with her, so we had a late lunch, and then after another computer session, it was time to get back to breaking my back, humping sacks of gravel about. The garden is starting to take shape now, hopefully enough so, that I will post a few pics later this week.

Tomorrow is an early start, the car has to be in for it\’s first service by 9am, it should have been 8am, but then we realised tomorrow is one of our Pico Placa days, so we can\’t drive in the City until after 8.30am.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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