Slapped Wrist!

I can\’t believe it is four days since my last post, I\’m sorry, but I didn\’t even give it a thought, maybe that is telling me something!!

Tuesday, Marcela did her duty with Sebastian, they went to the Zoo, I\’m not sure what type of Zoo it is, but apparently they only have rescued animals, which means that many are alone, where there is only one of a species, they were informed that there was no elephant at the moment as it had died, it doesn\’t sound the sparkliest of places.  Anyway she wasn\’t late, because I took her, and she arrived at 8am on the dot! My problem then started, because I took the wrong turn when leaving the school, I knew I had done it as soon as I turned but with the traffic, there was nothing for it but to keep going, which was entirely in the wrong direction!!

At first I knew where I was, I just didn\’t know how to get back, as there were no exits with roundabouts from the motorway, to return, and all the exits I passed were so badly signed, I either had no idea where they would take me, or I passed them before I had time to turn, and in City rush hour, you hardly have time to think. Anyway eventually I gave up, otherwise I was going to be in the City Centre, I took a turning, and eventually realised where I was, but again, I was in the wrong lane to do anything about it, the further I went, the dirtier looks I got from those people I passed, I ended up locking the doors and shutting the windows.

Fortunately I came across a turning circle, I headed back, by this time, time was marching on, as I had not had breakfast, I decided to stop at one of our lunchtime haunts Mi Gallo Tuerto, just down the road from us, and had breakfast there, it was great  I started with cuajada and arepa, which is curd with a flour pancake, then the main course of frijoles (beans) mixed with rice, a sausage, fried platano (fried banana), and a fried egg, washed down with a mug of coffee. That set me up for the day, and no need for lunch…sorted.

I decided it was time to unpack my computer, so out it came, and it appears to be fine, back to Windows 8 in Spanish only, I tried a Windows Update there were 97 updates, and after downloading them, it rejected them, not a promising start, but it could have been the sheer quantity, I\’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

I then started up Carbonite, which is my Back-up Server in the States, the idea being to download all my files, which had been uploaded over the years from my old Computers, unfortunately this is a slow process, only downloading about 10% every 24 hours, and the evening of day two, unbeknown to me we had a power flicker, which turned off the computer, when I discovered it, I restarted the process, but instead of continuing, it started from scratch, so I going to have two of many things, however the Carbonite Techs have been excellent, and once it has finished downloading they will remotely combine all, and delete duplicates, but that is for next week, as long as there are no more power cuts!!!!

Marcela called me as they were returning to the school, Pépe and I went to pick them up, he was as good as gold, sitting on the back seat and never moved! We took Sebastian home, and then headed home ourselves. I admitted to my driving error that morning, and should have known better, Marcela didn\’t let up for more than 24 hours, which was strange, because by coincidence, yesterday she went to the same place, on a Business Startup Program!

Wednesday, we went into Medellin with the trailer, and collected the turf, because it was well past midday on our return we stopped at Mi Gallo Tuerto for lunch on the way passed. It sounds as if we are very extravagant with our eating out, but when it only costs £4 for breakfast, and a fiver for a three course lunch, you can\’t really beat it.

Back home, it was time to start work, Marcela was cleaning the pool, and I had to lay the turf, I had already given the ground a good soaking that morning, I gave it another, then started to get the turf out, it was \’rolled\’ and tied inside sacks, but I wasn\’t happy, the first two sacks I opened, the turf fell out in bits, it had been cut too shallow, also, it had never been cut that morning, I think it had been cut the previous day, and sat in the man\’s pick-up, until we collected it, however I persevered and eventually it was laid, fenced off (until it has taken) and well watered, it has been watered first thing every morning and late afternoon since, and will be for at least a week.

Yesterday, I woke up feeling ill, I took Pépe for his walk, I didn\’t have any option, Marcela was up at 5.30am to get ready to go for her meeting, I returned, fed Pépe, and then went back to bed, waking up about 10.30, but still feeling fragile, so not much got done.

Today, we set off reasonably early, we had to meet someone in Medellin, I had bought an alarm system for the house, I thought with all the strange people about, it was about time I did something about it, because the seller was from Medellin, rather than pay for a Courier, or hike up into the back of beyond, we agreed to meet at a place known to both of us, and I now have a system I can connect both to the telephone and also fit a SIM card if I wish. Now I just have to fit and set it up, time allowing, that will be done this week-end.

It was then onto the Accountant, to give Señora Cecilla papers for Marcel\’s tax return, which unlike mine, should give her a refund!

Then to our favourite DIY store, when I bought two comfy outdoor chairs for the balcony, to replace the two upright wooden chairs which no one uses, they are now gone, claimed by a neighbour within 30 minutes of them being put in the road, but give them their due, they always ring the bell and ask. I also bought Marcela another pump for the pool, this one is to pump the water out of the cover, after a storm , she was using Don Pedro\’s old submersible  which I had rigged not to cut out, but to be honest I think it was dangerous, this one sits on the side, and you just throw a hose into the water.

Stopping at Dogger, for a hotdog, we then headed home, stopping off firstly  in Copacabana to collect a packet, that has been sat in a Courier\’s Office for two days, and he hadn\’t bothered to phone, this was my pirography kit, I didn\’t think I would miss this, but I have, so now I have one back in my armoury!  We then stopped at a local business that makes and installs balustrade, amongst other things, he is going to come up on Sunday to give us a quote for installing it around the pool, by Colombian standards it is not cheap, but compare it with elsewhere it doesn\’t sound as if it will be too bad, I think I am just going to have to bite the bullet and cough up, it worries me that there is nothing to stop people wandering close to the pool and possibly having an accident. We have looked at other options, but they are very expensive.

We then called at the next door business, which sells ornamental gravel, pebbles, stones, rocks, slate etc. you get the idea. We have two areas in front of the house that when we have a storm all the dirt is kicked up against our white walls, so we want to put ornamental gravel, but it a sizeable area, and the price he was quoting was outside my pocket, for the number of bags I would need (about 30) , when he realised he was about to lose a sale, he asked us to follow him, and he showed us, well I am not really sure what they are, like chippings from already crushed rock, and they looked lovely, especially after he had washed them, and at less than half price of the others, once I have confirmed the amount needed we will buy these.

Finally we were back home, we unpacked our purchases, the chairs were put on the balcony, and we played with Pépe for a while, he is getting better by the day, this morning I was able to get the car out onto the road, without tying him up first, and he made no attempt to move, whilst the gate was wide open. I then watered our turf, and did a bit of gardening under the watchful eye of \’The Boss\’, who was sat in one of the new chairs giving it a trial!!!!

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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