Work or Gadding…Gadding or Work?

To be honest, I\’m not sure which I like best, but a combination of the two will do me, for now!

Yesterday, I spent a very frustrating day painting our front door, frame and reja, I decided that this was the job for the day, because until late on, it is in the shade, but it was still melting, and that in itself caused a problem, because door and all attached is metal, it was still hot, and the paint was starting to dry, before it had even left the brush! This is not the way to get a smooth finish, I was having to brush out the brush marks at a rapid pace, or the paint became unworkable. The temperature was in the mid 30\’s all day, with the humidity to go with it, I was dripping. I eventually got it all done with the exception of one side of the reja, which I have finished this afternoon. Only two more to go, at least they haven\’t got rejas attached.

Kids and animals continue to tread all over our banking, I have ruled out barbed wire, the least I can buy is 150m, and I only need 12m for two strands, the frustrating part is, we had loads in the garden, and I threw it all out when we were tidying up after we moved in.

This morning, my hands were tied, I had an 11.20am Doctors appointment, so I did not have much time to do anything beforehand, it was only to give her the results of my Ultrasound, she said that there was really nothing to worry about, but as we are still trying for a family, it would be wise to see the Specialist, which now I have the Complimentary Plan, we can do without a long wait.

From there we had to go to Medellin, I had had a call to say that my All-in-One Computer had been returned from Hewlett Packard in Bogota, but the courier was being difficult, and refusing to guarantee delivery, so we said we would fetch it. Unfortunately the Alcaldía (Town Hall) appears to have allowed major road works on every major road through the City, and it was gridlocked, a total fiasco, and what should have taken us 25 minutes took well over an hour. We collected the package, and got out of town as fast as possible.

We eventually arrived home about 3.30pm, I changed  and finished yesterdays painting, and then started gardening. We have decided that along the fence from the house to the workshop, we will grow Curazao, or as it is better known to us Bougainvillea, which will give us both colour and security, unlike in Europe, it flowers all year around, and does not shed it\’s leaves, or so they told us at the garden centre, all to do with the constant climate. As a result, I have to prepare a border in which to grow these shrubs, so I have been attacking the garden with a mattock and a pry bar, both to break up the rock solid soil, and remove the huge stones hidden under a few inches of rubbish soil. There is still a lot of work to be done before it is ready to plant, I will dig in some humus and fertilizer once I have removed enough rubble to work it.

We have ordered the turf for the front bank, but for some reason I don\’t understand, they can\’t deliver here, but can deliver to an office in Medellin, so I have to meet them there on Wednesday with the trailer, and bring it back, I have renegotiated the price as a result, so its not so bad.

Tomorrow, Marcela is having to go as an accompanying Adult with Sebastian on a day trip, she has to be at the school for 8am, so it will be another early start…too early for Marcela!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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