It\’s getting hotter!

Pépe woke me at 5am, but I was having none of that, I just opened the door to the garden, pulled the dog gate across our bedroom door, and went back to bed, the next thing I knew, it was 6.20am, wonderfull! a lie in.

I took Pépe for his walk, the sun was already up, and after checking my computer, it was down to the workshop, where I finally used my \’new\’ Makita bench top planer to straighten the wood I am using to make the house sign for our neighbour.

Marcela appeared, and after we had both had breakfast, and showered, we set off. Finally I had received details from Hewlett Packard, regarding my All in One faulty computer, and they had sent out details for a Courier to collect it, however at the last minute, I was told I would have to take the packed computer to the Courier\’s office in Copacabana. Not totally unexpected being in a Vereda, however we have seen this Courier deliver here, so I was not totally happy,  I wasn\’t going to argue, I just want my computer fixing.

Having obtained the address, I thought I knew where the office was, so we parked up nearby and I carried the computer up the road, but when Marcela asked, it turned out that the office was four blocks up the road, the office had a similar name (it is an Agency, not a main office), so by the time we arrived, my arms were ready to drop off.

That done, we then had to return to the Notary in Bello, I hadn\’t had enough cash on me to pay last night, so we had to return with the balance.

By the time we left Bello, my stomach was growling, although we have cut back since returning from holiday, and I am losing some of the weight I gained,  my body still hasn\’t got used to going without!!! so it was an early lunch in the Commercial Center in Niquia, then some shopping, chemicals for the pool etc. before returning home, and I was glad to get back, I was melting.

Marcela then continued her swimming pool maintenance, and I continued working on the house sign, I found a font, printed off the name using my \’Big Print\’ software, and then using carbon paper, traced the name onto the timber. I started routing, but the light was fading, and the workshop lighting is not good enough for intricate work, so after completing the first letter, I stopped, before making a hash of it.

I will work on it again in the morning , before we go to watch the Colombia game in the afternoon.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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