Our UK holiday…Where do I start?

I am sorry for the delay in posting, but as you will see shortly our plans were thrown in the air, and it has taken a day or two to get straight.

We left home early on June 9th, arriving at Medellin International Airport by Taxi, because we were early, they put us on an earlier flight, because the weather was unpredictable, we might have missed our connection in Bogota, however on collecting our Boarding Cards, we saw that we were not seated together on the longest leg, between Bogota and Madrid, even though our confirmation said we were, the Check-in Assistant said we would have to sort that out at Bogota, so off we went.

At Bogota, we eventually resolved the problem and were seated together, so after a wait of a few hours we set off for Madrid, and finally from there to London Heathrow, all went smoothly, and we were re-united with our luggage which was intact. From Terminal 5, we caught a bus to the Car Hire Office about 20 minutes away.

We then drove from Heathrow up to my Brother\’s house in Cheshire, which took about five hours, including a stop for something to eat.

After a good nights sleep, we started our touring, by driving first to Audlem, a small town south of Crewe, where I spent my formative years from the age of four to eighteen:

Village Centre

We went and had a look at my family home there, and also the house my Mother moved to after my Father died, and both were up for sale, I hate to think what the prices are like now. We parked up on the village car park, and went for a walk, the village buildings were for the most part unchanged, but the shops had changed, and it did not have the quaint village shops from my day, but now had a good selection of modern amenities. The Church was always the dominant factor in the centre.

Audlem Church

From there we walked out to the Shropshire Union Canal, which played a big part in my life there, en route we passed the Village Charity Shop, where my Mother worked on a voluntary basis once a week;

No caption needed!

It was still looking as dilapidated as I remembered it, but it serves the Community, and long may it last.

The area along the canal remains unchanged;
Lock number 13

There are fifteen locks just to pass Audlem, and as a youngster, myself and my friends, used to spend the summer volunteering to work the locks for passing narrow boats, if we could ride the boats between the locks, it was great fun, but you had to time it right, if you didn\’t catch a boat back to the village, it seemed a long walk back!

We then went to the cemetery, it probably seems daft, but I wanted to introduce Marcela to my Parents, and that seemed the only place to do it, it was nice to see that the cemetery was well maintained, and the grass neatly cut around each grave.
Then before moving on it was time for Marcela to try her first ever Fish & Chips, the Audlem Chippy always had a great reputation, so it seemed the ideal place to try them out, and we were not disappointed, even though the current owners only took the place over last year, and live in Crewe!
Yep… that\’s just one portion!

Then it was time to return to Alsager, where we caught up with family news.

On the Thursday, we set off after breakfast to Bowness on Windermere in the Lake District, a place that holds fond memories, and I visited often during my life in England, I had booked us into a small Hotel (Monties) in the centre of the town, I parked up on the nearby car park, and we went for a walk, Marcela was immediately taken, by the houses built in local stone, after which we made our way back to find somewhere to eat, and this is where everything had changed, there were no English Restaurants, they were still many restaurants, but all serving foreign food, and the idea was for Marcela to try as many English dishes as possible, so we ended up in a Pub, thank goodness they still sell English Grub.
After lunch, and checking into the hotel we went for a walk down to the Lake;

Thank goodness for my monopod, we could take photos together, without having to ask someone to take our photo, sometimes it is hit and miss, but it was certainly a blessing, especially later in our trip, to London, where there were a number of positive comments on it\’s use!
After our walk, which was certainly bracing, with the wind coming off the water, we wandered back up into town, passing a shop that caught Marcela\’s eye, a Chocolate shop, something you don\’t see in Colombia, or at least we haven\’t come across one yet!
Window display

We went in for a look around, and Marcela asked if she could take a photo or two, to show the family, the Lady was only too happy to oblige;

We then returned to the Hotel for a shower before heading off for dinner nearby.
We had a good nights sleep, the bed was very comfortable, there were a number of problems, but being there only one night, we couldn\’t be bothered to pursue them, although we did bring them to the attention of the foreign Owner before leaving.
Friday morning, we left after breakfast, driving up to Windermere, where we had a wander around, but it was overcast and miserable, so we headed back down south, stopping in Crewe on the way,to buy Pépe his presents, after which we had lunch in a Gastro Pub I used to use from time to time.
Back in Alsager, my sister-in-law, Lesley, had prepared a lovely meal, again we caught up on news, and stayed up to watch the football, although Lesley did a sneaky, taking a photo of me having a quick nap!
Saturday, we had a relaxing morning, before heading up into Town for the Alsager Carnival, we walked up with David;
Me, David, Marcela
The Carnival was a bit short on floats, one of which my nephew Daniel was towing;
Daniel looking more like a lemon than I\’m not sure what!!

We made sure we stood well back as he passed, he had rigged  up some form of water cannon on the Landrover, fortunately he had given us advance warning! They were lucky it was a glorious day, and remained dry throughout.

On Sunday, Marcela and I headed out again, we went to a Craft Centre, out in the country, it was set up many years ago on a farm, and over time it developed, becoming a major attraction in the area, there were Antique stalls, second hand books, toys, leather goods, etc. unfortunately it has gone down hill, although we did make some purchases in the leather shop! We moved on from there to Nantwich, which being a Sunday, was closed, with the exception of a Café or two;
A bit early for the flowers!

Marcela was fascinated by our Royal Mail post boxes, something you don\’t see in Colombia, in fact, the postal service there is so unreliable, everyone uses Courier firms, so we couldn\’t pass up another photo opportunity;

Matching colours!

Back in Alsager, Lesley had prepared a traditional Roast Dinner, which went down well, and Marcela is ready to give it a go here.

Monday, David  was determined that he was going to take us to a National Trust property, not far from the house, Little Moreton Hall, I have to admit, that in our younger days, David took after Father, and loved traipsing around such properties, and museums, I took after Mother, and they bored me stiff, and still do! However I thought I had won the day, and we went off with David and my nephew Matthew to Mow Cop, which is a folly, famous in the area, and well worth a visit.

It was freezing, and I had to feel sorry for Matthew, he was dressed for summer!
Keep smiling!

In fact when it came to taking our family selfie, it was so cold,  David was the only one with a steady hand!

But then David did the dirty on us… He took us to Little Moreton Hall:
It was shut, there were \’No Entry\’ signs but he was not being deterred at any price, and drove us straight up to the front door, where he and Marcela got out for the photo opportunity, Matthew and I, hid our faces, and prayed they wouldn\’t be too long.
From there we went to Snugbury\’s, and for those of you who don\’t know, this is an Ice-Cream outlet, it started on a Farm near Nantwich, where the ice-cream is made, and then the number of outlets grew! So I enjoyed my double Clotted Cream vanilla cone.
We then went back to the house, where we teamed up with my niece, Catherine, who had just taken her last exam, and we went off for a Pub lunch, where Matthew proceeded to half-inch all the beer mats to make a house of cards, which none of use allowed him to complete, as the Landlady snarled from behind the Bar!
Tuesday, Catherine and Matthew went with us to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port;

It was different, all the years I had lived nearby, and I had to travel all the way from Colombia to make my first visit!
After leaving there we made our way to the Cheshire Falconry Centre at Sandiway, Northwich.

David was determined that Marcela should see an Owl in the flesh, so to speak, and now knowing how determined he is, I decided that this was the better option, otherwise I could see us sitting up all night to watch for an owl flying by…only joking! 

There were a great variety of owls, eagles and other birds of prey to view, so Marcela saw more than she bargained for.
Cheshire Falconry Centre

Back home, we did our packing, ready for the next leg of our journey, and then David took us all out for a meal;

David, Lesley, Marcela, Matthew, Catherine & Daniel

As you can see, Marcela is entering into the spirit, with a pint of bitter, something you don\’t see in Colombia, so this was her first venture into English beers!

Wednesday, we were planning on leaving at 6.30am, but woke early, so were ready for 6am, and despite our protests, all the family were up to see us off.
Today we were heading for Alton, in Hampshire to visit my Aunt, before heading into London, I had therefore booked a Hotel, thinking it was nearby, and to be honest it never clicked when I saw the name, it should have done, because it was not in Alton, but Selborne, about five minutes away, as it turned out this worked in our favour, but more on that later. 
The idea was to be with my Aunt between 11am and 12pm, but the car\’s built in Sat Nav had a fit, and I knew we had taken a diversion, when I saw we were approaching Heathrow!!! so in the end it was nearly 12pm when we arrived, therefore my Aunt Rosie, suggested we go out for lunch first, and then start on the photo display. Over the years it has been a standing joke that Rosie and I argue over who was going to pay the bill, and I think she was quite shocked when I gave in at the first hurdle, I knew I would never win, so decided not to try.
Back at my Aunt\’s house, we then had the photo call, we had loaded hundreds onto a memory stick, and taken our Tablet to show some of them, bearing in mind, I hadn\’t seen Rosie for nearly three years, there were a lot of photos, so we had to be selective. Unfortunately Rosie wouldn\’t let us take any photos with her, and I had to respect her wishes, the Sale family, have never been renowned for having their photos taken voluntarily, but we had to pose for her to take ours.
Then it was the mandatory afternoon tea, starting with scones and jam, followed by two types of cake, again she won\’t listen, I was still full from lunch, but had to go through the motions, otherwise we would not have got out of the door, I was stuffed to overflowing. We eventually left sometime between 5.30pm and 6pm, and made our way to Selborne.
I said earlier my booking at \’The Queens\’, worked in our favour, that is because I had intended to take Marcela there, either that evening or the following morning, because my Grandparents had retired to Selborne, and died there, my Grandfather was a Church of England Vicar, and he helped out in the local church when the incumbent Vicar was on holiday. 
On our arrival at the Hotel, we were asked if we would be joining them for dinner, I had to explain our afternoons activities and decline, neither of us could have eaten another crumb. 
After we had settled in, we went for a walk, down to see my Grandparents house, which had changed beyond all recognition, then, again we made a cemetery visit and found the grave of my Grandparents, which like that of my Parents, was very neat and tidy, a credit to the Locals.
Back at the hotel, it was a glorious evening, so we sat out in their garden both with a gin & tonic or two…I know! I don\’t drink, well from time to time I make an exception, and this was one of them.
The following morning, we had breakfast, and then headed off for Heathrow to return the hire car, before getting a taxi into London, we were staying on the Southbank, in Lambeth, the Hotel was clean, and adequate for our needs, as we didn\’t intend to spend too much time there, it was just a little short on space, with all our cases.
Having checked in and sorted out what went where, we donned our walking shoes, and headed out, I had pre-purchased both a London Pass, which gave us access to many attractions without having to queue to pay, I also bought Travel Cards, which gave us unlimited access to buses, the underground, and trains within London, and this turned out to be a blessing, although not on day one.
Supposedly, the underground at Lambeth Road North was two minutes from the Hotel, yes it was, but not in the direction we headed, so we walked all the way down to Waterloo, then passed Guys Hospital, and The Shard, circling round and along the river bank,
before deciding that we had better try and find our way back, as it turned out, Marcela had the better sense of direction, I have lost mine altogether! and we found our way back, passing the local Underground on the way (two minutes from the Hotel). We decided we would eat nearby that night, and saw some enticing signs for home made pizzas, so after a shower, and changing, out we went. The signs took us to a local Pub, as soon as we walked in we should have known to turn around, but we were knackered, so ordered two pizzas, and sat down with our drinks (J2O), it was the Local, the language was choice, with the clientelle accusing each other of stealing, this was getting a bit heated. Anyway the pizzas arrived, and they were some of the best pizzas I had ever tasted, so we ate up and left.
Friday 20th, was our first full day, the idea was to make our way to Westminster and walk the Mall, and visit a number of places nearby.
We went down for breakfast, which was described as a Continental breakfast, so be honest it was more than enough, there was a great selection, and you could eat as much as you wanted,  I sat down, and started with a bread roll, when I heard a big crunch, and knew immediately I had a problem, removing the contents of my mouth as delicately as I could, I found that one of my front Crowns had sheared off, not just come adrift, totally gone.
Holidays will have to be cancelled for the future, on our honeymoon, I lost my temporary crown in the sea, now I had lost the lot. There was no pain, as all the roots had been killed off, I just had a big gaping hole, Marcela was mortified, not for herself, but thought it would ruin the holiday for me, I have to admit, I wasn\’t a happy bunny, but I wasn\’t going to let this spoil what had so far been a lovely holiday, so I assured her I was fine, wrapped up the tooth as evidence, and off we went.
We went by Underground to Charing Cross, and Trafalgar Square, unfortunately all access to Nelson\’s Column and the Lions was screened off for some Events that were due to take place,  but there was a weird statue on one of the surrounding pillars;
I still haven\’t a clue what this is doing there!!!!!!!  So then we walked down the Mall to Buckingham Palace,

Marcela could not get over the number of people who flock to see what could be seen, until I reminded her that we were just two more!
Nice Gates!

We had arrived about 10.15am, unfortunately Changing of the Guard was not until 11.30am, and if we wanted to cram as much in as possible, we couldn\’t wait about, and we had seen some of the ceremony the day before when passing in the taxi.

So we walked across to the Guards Museum, well worth a visit, unfortunately one of the venues where photos were not allowed to be taken.
The Guards

However we were entertained by one of the Bands being put through their paces, and another opportunity to use my monopod!

From there, we walked through St James Park;

Where\’s the Beach?

A beautiful Park, unfortunately the weather was not brilliant, which was great for walking, but not photos, however to see a swathe of park covered in empty deck-chairs, reminded me of Blackpool beach!
As we left the Park, we were at Horse Guards,with a glimpse of the London Eye behind.
we then  came across the Churchill War Rooms, I had never even heard of these before, although I have seen smaller Local Authority versions whilst a Police Officer, this was huge,  the Government had taken to the underworld during World War II, running the Country and the war from this cavernous warren of rooms, if you have never visited, it is certainly worth a couple of hours of your time. Photos were not supposed to be taken, although some were ignoring the signs, we were goody goodies!
We left the War Rooms, we walked up passed Downing Street, no sign of Cameron! Then Big Ben came into view

 However before we got that far, we came across a pristine Telephone Box, something all Visitors seem to faun over, and Marcela was no exception, we had found one in a back street yesterday, but this one was far more impressive, and couldn\’t be passed without a photo opportunity.
From there, we continued up past the Houses of Parliament, unfortunately there was no sign of Andrew Mitchell on his pedal cycle, otherwise I might have been tempted to give his back wheel a kick as he passed!
Across Westminster Bridge to the Southbank we ended up with fish & chips again, but we were so hungry by this time we could have eaten a scabby horse.
After lunch it was time to take on the London Eye, not included in our London Pass, it was still something we both wanted to do, despite my fear of heights, I thought, being totally enclosed, I wouldn\’t have a problem, and I was right.

View from the top of the Eye

Finally for the day we made our way to Tower Bridge, and did the Tower Bridge Exhibition, 

starting with a history lesson, there have been four bridges on or near the current site, the wooden versions having houses and shops along either side, which went up like a tinder box in the great fire of London, you are then taken up to the walk way that extends between the two towers.
Then it was time to make our way back to the Hotel, where we had a shower and dressed up to go to a Cuban Restaurant had noticed on our walk about, unfortunately they were fully booked, so we made a booking for the following night, and instead went to a Japanese Restaurant just down the road from the Hotel. Marcela chose a hot and sour soup…mistake, it nearly blew her head off, very different from that I have tried in Chinese Restaurants in the past. However we then had crispy duck with pancakes, and this more than made up for the soup.
Saturday, we had written off to visit Windsor Castle, we caught the Underground to Paddington, then the train to Slough and connection to Windsor.
The Queen was in residence, because she was attending Ascot Racing, therefore Security was tight, we went to view the State Apartments, again no photos, Marcela couldn\’t get over the ornate decoration. Towards the end of the tour, there was a little Japanese man in front of us, who kept slipping his camera out of his coat and take a photo, the Security / Guides, would shout at him, he would pocket his camera and run, but Security did nothing about it, I think the \’No Photo\’ rule was more so people would buy postcards with the photos rather than security, however he continued to do this, and Marcela was getting really steamed, and started to shout at him, I told her to be quiet, it was not her responsibility, but I took out my NARPO (Retired Police Officers ID) and said I would nab him if we saw him do it again, but he disappeared.
it was a very pleasant morning, even though it was hot there was sufficient breeze to make it comfortable. Just before we left, we were treated to another display by the Guards, probably rehearsing for a display for the Queen later.

From the Castle we went into town, and did some Souvenir shopping for the family back in Colombia, and then went for lunch at a Greek Restaurant, just off the main street, just a lasagne and juice, it was sufficient. It was then time to retrace our steps into London.
Back at the hotel, we were flaked, so had a short siesta, before getting ready to go out. Feet still throbbing, we made our way to the Cuban Restaurant on Lower Marsh, it was heaving, Marcela was a bit disappointed that we hadn\’t been given a good table, as we had booked, but it was the only table for two vacant, so it was a case of take it or leave it, we took it. Marcela introduced me to mojitos, on the second jug, I decided I had had enough , and ordered a coffee, leaving Marcela to polish off the jug with a straw!!!  the food was excellent as well! 
Sunday, we decided to take it easy, we were meeting up with friends for lunch, so I went out for Sunday papers, and we pottered for the morning, then just after 11am our friends Jo and Pete collected us from the hotel, we went to pick up their daughter Beth, and went off for lunch in Café Rouge, Dulwich Village;
Marcela, Jo, Beth, Pete and Myself

It was great to see them again after all this time, and catch up on our news, after which they gave us a guided tour of the area, on the way back to the Hotel, it was a lovely afternoon.

On our return, we decided that we needed to walk off some of our lunch, so we went down to the London Bridge Experience, Marcela thought it was great, unfortunately I didn\’t it was more like a walking version of a Ghost train, but it passed away an hour, we then walked along the river bank, and had a snack dinner on the way.
Monday, our last day in London, we set off to Charing Cross, had another wander passed Downing Street, to Westminster Bridge, where we picked up a day Thames Cruise ticket, hopped on and made our way to Tower Bridge

and then the Tower of London, unfortunately our Beefeater was not that amusing, more interested in making comments about the World Cup, than the subject in hand,
so we skipped the tour and did our own thing;
Found her Knight in Shining Armour!
We then went on to see the Crown Jewels, before jumping on the next cruise boat back to Westminster.

Again we wandered over to the Southbank to find somewhere for lunch, and found a Kiosk selling Ploughman\’s lunch, and it had pumps with odd named beers and cider, Marcela decided she wanted to try cider, so we both had a pint with our Ploughman\’s, unfortunately the latter was spoiled a bit, the lady preparing it, obviously thinks everyone likes mustard, and had put not just a little on the side of the plate, but a great dollop over the honey baked ham and cheddar cheese, so we spent some time cleaning it off with serviettes. As for the cider, it was very welcome on a warm day, and Marcela despite being warned, soon discovered how strong cider can be!…lol.

There was time to pass before our appointment for Afternoon Tea at the Royal Horse Guards Hotel, so we checked out the location first, before heading back to Trafalgar Square
unfortunately the light was appalling, but we had to have a photo there, come what may! 
There was just time to buy the last presents needed for our return trip, before we went for Tea, unfortunately Marcela wanted to see what was going on, so the photos by me were marred by the bright sun through the windows, 
but Marcela\’s are better.
Then came the clotted cream scones, they went down a treat;
So with the accompanying champagne, and then English Tea, Marcela was happy that her holiday had ended on a high note,  or so she thought.
Back at the hotel, packing done, we had an early night, having to be up at 3am. We were picked up at 3.45am and taken to Heathrow, we still had no idea of what was to be in store for us.
At Terminal 5, you can\’t check in at a desk, you have to do it at a machine, however, when I tried, it only showed the first two legs of our journey, which got us to Bogota, not Medellin, so I cancelled, or thought I had, and went looking for help. The Supervisor was extremely helpful, and told me that with journeys to South America, this was often the case, but not to worry, our cases would go the whole way, we would just have to collect our last boarding cards at Bogota, because the machine then told me I had already checked in, I had to ask the Supervisor to print the Boarding Cards.
We then boarded our plane, still none the wiser, and waited for take off, and waited… then the BA Captain (Tom Bliss) came on and told us about the French Air Traffic Controllers strike, so from a 7.30am take off, we were told it would be 12.20pm, and we couldn\’t leave the plane, however the Captain, had refused to move his plane from the dock, in case he could get us off. That didn\’t happen, but he gave us regular updates, he was brilliant. 
We eventually got an earlier slot, and left at 11.20am, but that meant that we had already missed our connection to Colombia, so what would happen next.
We arrived in Madrid, and went to the Iberia Desk, they were obviously well prepared for this, and people in front were either being found another flight, or being put up in a luxury Hotel nearby, it came to our turn, and after making a number of calls, they said we would be there for two days, before there was another flight, with available seats, they would put us up in the Hotel, when I told them, that was not possible, because Marcela couldn\’t leave the Airport as she didn\’t have a Schengen Visa, they redoubled their efforts, and got us on a flight leaving at midday the following day, but that still meant we had to spend the night in the Terminal Building.

Marcela tried to persuade me to go to the Hotel, it didn\’t take much time to decide…comfy bed all to myself, good food, and peace and quiet… No thanks, I want to be with my wife, so we were given food vouchers, which I thought would get us a sandwich and juice, and off we went.

Neither of us had any change of clothes in our hand luggage, mine had our electrical items, and Marcela\’s, the presents, so we firstly went for lunch, it was a restaurant, and to be honest the food was not bad, we didn\’t have much choice, but it was more than adequate, we then noticed that our seats on the following days flight were not together, so things appeared to be going from bad to worse, we then tried to make ourselves comfortable, until it was time for dinner, but how can you get comfortable on metal seating, no padding and cold, in short, you couldn\’t.
We whiled away the time, reading, dozing, and walking around, until it was time to eat again. After which we tried to sleep, we went to a distant corner of the terminal, and I got down on the floor, we had our \’U\’ shaped neck cushions, but that didn\’t stop the cold quickly seeping through our clothes from the tiled floor. 
The last flight out that night was not until 1am, we had found a Starbucks, with had padded leather bench seats, and decided to come back at 1am and see if there was a free spot, which we did, and there were plenty, but soon after others were coming and going away again, looking really p@ssed off!
Unfortunately at 3am the Cleaners moved in, and moved us away, so it was back to metal seating again, until it was time for breakfast.
We went back to the same Restaurant, the morning Manager was really snotty, saying they didn\’t do our breakfast, but if push came to shove, we could have a small fruit juice, and and even smaller croissant, I nearly told him where to shove it. We were going to go and buy breakfast when we passed the Iberia Desk, so I, on the off chance I mentioned this to the girl, who said it was their mistake, and told us where to go. 
After breakfast, we returned to the Iberia Desk, to query our boarding cards from Bogota to Medellin, she asked to see our current Boarding Cards, and then informed us that Iberia didn\’t have access to the Avianca system, so we would have to get them in Bogota, even though Avianca could access theirs…strange. 
Time came to board our Bogota bound plane, I told Marcela to go ahead, we would sort out the seats once on the plane, so she went through when called, I followed later, but on reaching the desk I was pulled aside, and the lady asked if my wife had already passed through, I confirmed, it, and she handed me my boarding card with a smile, and said she had changed our seats, and we were now together, what a lovely lady, we think this had probably been arranged by the girl who asked to see our cards earlier, although she had said nothing.
The Flight was uneventful, and long, because of the Bl@@dy French, the Airlines didn\’t have the correct planes on station, so we had to fly on a Charter plane, less room, and no individual screens to watch films, you could get the sound for films through the headsets, but the screens were that far away I couldn\’t see them, and you had to watch what they put on.
On arrival at Bogota we had the third degree from Migracción Colombia, even though I had my Visa, and then we went to Avianca, who said that they had no record of any seats booked for us, and to go back to Iberia, who said they were booked, but re-issued the papers, telling Marcela what to say if they said the same again, which they did, eventually a Supervisor was called and they got us on a Flight, but not the one we were expecting it was 20 minutes earlier. However no one could tell us where our Bags were, or what was likely to happen to them.
By this time I was ready to kill, we boarded our flight, and arrived in Medellin, the bags were definitely not on our flight, so we went to Avianca, the first man was very helpful, and said they might come on the following flight, but shouldn\’t as we were no longer booked on that flight, on the other hand they could still be in Madrid. He advised us to make a report, and then go home, they would deliver the bags, when they arrived.
We were then handed on to Mr Grumpy ( that now made two of us!!) who took the report, gave us a copy, and we went off to find something to eat. 
Then we boarded a taxi and returned home, to an ecstatic welcome from Pépe, who wasn\’t in the least bit worried  by our smell. The following morning we received a call from the airline, indeed our bags had arrived on the following flight, which doesn\’t say a lot for their Security, and within the hour they had been delivered to the door, intact.
We couldn\’t fault British Airways or Iberia, they were brilliant in the way they treated us, the only let down was the Colombian National airline Avianca, but the experience didn\’t spoil the holiday, we have many great memories, when we will return again, I have no idea, there will have to be a lot of saving first, and there are other locations we want to visit, closer to home.
With regard to my broken tooth, I have been to see the Specialist, and on examination, he said it was the root system that had caused the breakage, not his work, whether it was or not we will never know, but I am going to have to have an extraction, I am just waiting for authorisation from the Medical Authority, I have also decided not to have an implant, at 3,000,000 Pesos a tooth, it is not an option, so I am going to have a plate, and have two extra teeth put on to fill the gaps on either side, where in the past because they were out of sight, I had never worried, I have had my first impression already. 
Henry, had done a great job of looking after Pépe, in fact too good a job, he will have to go on a diet, just like me, but he was happy enough. Henry made the decision to head back home, so he went yesterday, this time he was a pleasure to have around, so he will be welcomed back.
That about brings us up to date!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

2 thoughts on “Our UK holiday…Where do I start?

  1. Phil, That's a wonderful post. Looks as if the two of you had a great trip/vacation. England is a place I have always wanted to visit. Now with all the great photos you took, it makes me want to go even more. Thanks for such a good post and photos. Gene & Viol..


  2. Thanks Gene & Viol,we had a great trip, it was just a shame the return journey was a bummer, but it didn't spoil the holiday. The post only took about four hours to write, so don't expect too many of that nature. Ha!Ha!


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