Packing done!

No work again today… We only got a couple of hours sleep last night, one of the \’descansar\’ Fincas, had a group of weirdos staying, they must have been weirdos they struck up the music about 9.30pm, it was electronic music, no problem with that you might think, but they played the same music in a loop all night, it was still going at 10am today, to add to that they let off fireworks, every hour on the hour, at 2.45am I gave up, had a shower and came into the office.

We eventually pulled ourselves together about 11.30am, and went down to Copacabana, to buy in two weeks supplies for Henry, if I had known how much he ate, I would have taken the trailer ha!ha! As it was gone midday when we arrived, we went for menu del dia, and then did part of the shopping, before going for dessert, I am beginning to think, finding this ice-cream was not a good idea, another macedonia, yes it is full of fresh fruit, but that dollop of Mr Softie on top…yum! yum! After which we went to the Supermarket that has previously been recommended to us, and bought the remainder of Henry\’s supplies. Then it was back home.

We think we are having the same problem, weather wise, as the rest of the world, yet again, tonight it is hammering down, as well as thunder and lightening, not quite what they have had in Miami, but not far off. I have to admit, I have always had a fascination for lightening, and here there is more fork than I have ever seen in such a short period of time, it is supposed to be our summer, however, we have had more rain recently, than we had all winter, it\’s just that it is much hotter.

We have packed our cases, cross packing so that, we at least have a change, if one suitcase goes astray! Hopefully that won\’t be the case (excuse the pun!) but it is better to be prepared, at the moment we are well under weight, I shall just have to watch what else is slipped in!

Tomorrow, is just last minute packing, and doing some tidying up, I think the family are nipping over in the afternoon, you would think we are emigrating! Maybe they think our plane won\’t make it across to Spain, which is the longest stint.

We leave the house at 9.30am Monday, flying out from Medellin at 1.10pm, an hour later we are in Bogota, where we have to wait just over three hours, before setting off for Madrid, where we arrive ten hours later, another three hour wait, and off to London, arriving at Heathrow, 3pm local time Tuesday. After the formalities, and collecting the car, we have a four to five hour drive, before our journey is over, approximately twenty four hours travelling time, if you ignore the time change somewhere on route.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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