No work today!

It has been a bit hit and miss today, we had to be out by 9am, Pépe had an appointment at the Peluquería, and the Vet (same place) at 9.30am. Before leaving Marcela was on the phone to SURA, our Health Provider, because they have finally agreed to allow me to have the complimentary cover plan, but were trying to back date it to the 1st of March, so it looked as if it had been a continuing policy from the previous provider…after all the insults and lies they told to deny me the cover, they could get stuffed, unless they were going to reimburse me for the payments I have made in the mean time, No, I thought not!!! The only disadvantage of starting afresh with this company, is that I have to wait five months before I can ask for a private room, if I have to go into hospital (no big deal), and I have to wait two months before I can make appointments direct with Specialists, hopefully I won\’t need to, but I have found the normal Health Service, pretty good up until now, the maximum wait I have had, is six weeks.

  So Marcela, Henry, Pépe and myself set off, we dropped Pépe off with the Peluquería, we could hear him crying from the car park! and then I took Marcela and Henry into Bello, as they had some business to attend to, I did a bit of shopping, then returned to the Commercial Centre, near to where Pépe was being spruced up.  Unfortunately my free time was cut short, the Registro has changed it\’s policy, and it is appointment only, the stupid part is that it only allows you to make an appointment for the following day, and they had already gone in every Registro in the area, so it will have to wait until we come back from the UK.

We collected Pépe, who saw us through the glass partition, and was obviously happy to do so, he was looking very smart, groomed and nails cut, it was then time for his annual vaccinations, no problem, he was as good as gold, and both sessions only came to a total of £12-50…Bargain!

Pépe was then dropped off at home with a treat, and we went down into Copacabana, Marcela and Henry nipped into the Registro there to see if they could by-pass the system, but no, they will have to wait. We then went for lunch, menu del día, at H&M, then to a new Supermarket (new to us!) it had most things you could want, and much cheaper than Exito at Niquía, so that will be our first port of call in future. It was baking hot, and Marcela needed to go to the Bank, but they were not open for another 40 minutes, so what better excuse than to call for a Macedonia, then sit and savour it in the shade in el parque.

Back home, we were all knackered, a combination of lunch and the heat, so we all went for a siesta, including Pépe! Henry prepared supper, Patacones (fried platano), and fried cheese, no hope of losing more weight whilst he is here!

Tomorrow, I have got to go into the city in the morning, and Henry is preparing lunch, so at least we won\’t be tempted to eat out again.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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