Back to the Laptop!

That\’ll teach me to brag!!! I was talking to my Brother yesterday afternoon, and saying how impressed I was with my new HP All in One, with Windows 8, I had upgraded it to 8.1 and bought the Pro Pack so I could change the language, for nearly a week it has been great, then two hours after I put the phone down, I came back to the Office, to find a blue screen and a fatal message,  from there things have just gone down hill, I managed to re-install the basic Windows 8, but it wasn\’t playing ball.

As a result mid-morning Marcela was on the phone to Microsoft, and they took the details and said they would ring back, time was getting on, so Marcela rang them, and has been on the phone to David C for hours, he tried remote access, but could not repair the software damage, he thought there may have been a trojan on the computer that has activated. I have since tried to do a reformat, but it won\’t even let me do that, so it looks like a trip back to the shop!

In the mean time, I fortunately have everything backed up on a remote server, and most of it also on my laptop.

Henry arrived, and has been sadly neglected whilst we have been sorting out the computer. Tomorrow we already have commitments, so other than going back to the shop with the B****y computer there is not much more we can do.

Tonight Marcela has been on the phone to the HP Tech Support, who believe the software has corrupted during an update, as a result they are sending me the discs to format and re-install Windows, however he has suggested that when we receive the discs, we first contact HP who will guide us through the installation of Windows 8, and then we contact Microsoft who will remotely set up my Pro-Pack, this will avoid any errors due to a language misunderstanding. Unfortunately the discs wont now arrive until after we have left…I can only praise the help that both Tech Supports have given us today, fingers crossed it is straight forward!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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