Another job completed

I couldn\’t believe it, I didn\’t wake until 6.40am, and Pépe looked at me as if I was crackers when I emerged from the bedroom! If only…

It had been bucketing down with rain during the night, I honestly thought at 5am that there was no chance of doing any outside work today, but when I finally woke, the sun was out and it was drying out.

After walking Pépe, and my morning coffee, it was time to start painting, standing the ladders on Marcela\’s flower border was a bit precarious, the soil had turned to clay, and with it on my shoes, and the rungs of the ladder, it was dangerous to say the least, but with care, I finished painting the wall, and then with Marcel\’s help I replaced the tile capping on top of the wall:

Painting finished!

Then it was time to repair the damage I had done to Marcela\’s flower border, fortunately that did not take too long.

Time then to wash the car, after the last couple of days, it was filthy, Pépe doesn\’t help much, as much as he appears to dislike water, he loves trying to drink from the hosepipe when you are using it.
That was my work done for the day, I had a shower changed, and then pottered on the computer, before cooking a BBQ lunch, which the girls had prepared.
The idea had been that Sandra and Sebastian would arrive late afternoon, after Sebastina had been to a birthday party, so just after 4pm, we drove down to Copacabana, and had a Super Macedonia, which we ate whilst sitting in \’El Parque\’, people watching. Unfortunately Sebastian was delayed, apparently there was a delay putting the kids food out, so at 6.30pm we left and returned home to feed Pépe, apparently they will still come but later, as it is a Festivo tomorrow, time is not important.
It has been an enjoyable day, I am going to have to rein in my projects now, until we return from the UK, I need to get things organised, otherwise it will be a last minute rush.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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