Keeping Busy!

The last couple of days, are a bit of a blur, so I hope I have got my facts right, but I\’m not guaranteeing it!

On Sunday, Marcela went to vote in the Presidential Elections, unfortunately there will now be a second vote, but that will take place whilst we are in the UK, so Marcela will miss out. I then decided that it was time for a treat, we have spent most of our money on the house, with the exception of the car, which is nice, but not personal, so before it has all gone, Marcela and I went, and bought a portable sound system for her, in order that she can take her music outside, without having to either open a window, and have speakers blaring away, or lug the system outside, it just wasn\’t a very good or safe way of doing it, with wires trailing everywhere.

For myself, I bought a new computer, my Laptop has served it\’s purpose, but was starting to have problems, and to be honest, I am not a fan, I prefer a desk top, so I bought a 20\” HP All in One, not a touchscreen, I want to spend my time using it, not cleaning it, and knowing my luck, I would have ended up putting my finger through the screen!

I have to admit, to being a fan of Windows 8.1, it took a bit of getting used to, but the functions are user friendly, and there are many new Apps that are a great help, having read many of the reviews on Windows 8, since it was released, no one is more surprised than me, that I have not had more trouble adjusting to it.

As you can imagine, buying a computer here, it comes in Spanish, which in the main is not a problem, but when it gets down to the technical jargon, I rather have it in English, which meant I had to upgrade to Pro, in order to be able to change the language, I now remember I had to do the same with the laptop in Spain.

The Laptop will continue to function for now, I intend to use it to do my photographic work, how long that will last before I put it all on the one, I don\’t know.

I have continued to work on Pépe\’s kennel, it is now ready for the floor to be tiled, and then the roof, I have cut the tiles this evening, and hope to get them laid tomorrow, but that might be delayed by a day.

This morning I had the brushcutter out, and gave the grass and weeds a trim, and then painted another reja, before I had to stop and get ready for the Dentist. We were on time for the appointment at mid-day, it was to have the hole in my crown filled, the one they made last week to drain the abscess, I am now wishing I hadn\’t bothered turning up. I came away with three definite appointments for Saturday, and possibly a fourth.

I have got to be at the Doctors for 7am for my blood pressure clinic, then at 8am I have now got the Hygenist, 8.30am, my July appointment for the gum problem has been moved, and if they have a cancellation, I have another appointment at 9am for two more fillings. I have got to give them their due, they are certainly keen!!!!

After leaving the Dentist, we went for Menu del día, at the same restaurant we used the other day, and then on to San Juan, I was dreading this, because we have both had problems with HaZeL (our new car), it just didn\’t seem to have any power, and as for driving up the road to the house it was touch and go whether we would make it. Marcela had spoken with the Saleswoman, who said to bring it in as soon as possible. We were there just gone 1.30pm, as they re-opened after lunch, and give him his due, the Mechanic was straight in the car, and off we went for a test drive. It turns out that everything I was ever taught, both by Civilian and Police Driving Instructors, has now gone out of the window.

Whether it is right or not, I have no idea, but the Mechanic said that the Chery Tiggo, has the same system as Porsche and Audi, when on the flat you drive as normal, up to 3000 revs, but at junctions and on an incline, to put your foot down, and the minimum is 3500 revs, going up and beyond 6000 revs, which seems crazy to me, but he insisted, it wont do the engine any harm, as there is a sensor to  stop you over revving, that has to be a joke! Anyway, it certainly solves the problem, I just have to remember now, to rev the cajones out of the engine, to get it moving, apparently that doesn\’t affect the fuel consumption either…time will tell.

We have run into our first problem for the UK trip, I don\’t want to use my Colombian Credit card in the UK if possible,  and my UK card is at my Brother\’s until we arrive, so I need some cash to get us from London to the Midlands, unfortunately there appears to be no call for Sterling in Colombia, Marcela has rung around all the money changers in Medellin, and none have Sterling, so unless my Bank, can help. it looks as if we will have to try and survive on Euros, or failing that Dollars, I don\’t want to have to change them at Heathrow, because I know the rate will be rubbish, but needs must.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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