Wasted Day!

Set the alarm for 5.30am to walk Pépe, but true to form I was awake 20 minutes earlier, 6am I woke Marcela, and she set off in the car, I followed on the bike, we left the car with Umberto to have the tow bar fitted, and went for an empanada and tinto, before heading home.

Marcela went back to bed! I on the other hand changed into my working gear, as the sun was coming out, and cracked on with Pépe\’s kennel, I am using the workshop wall as the back wall of the kennel, so at the moment it is being built in two halves ( tying it into the workshop wall on every other course with a length of rebar), once at the top of the entrance, it will become one, but I am no brickie, so it is taking a bit longer.

8.30am, and time for a second breakfast… well I\’ve got to keep my energy up! then it was time to start painting, I started on the rejas (security bars) on one of the downstairs windows, which was not made easier by it being a double window, one panel of which is fixed, the previous owner just hadn\’t bothered to try painting it, as a result it is starting to rust, I have managed to paint most of it, but will have to go over parts again, I will ask Marcela to stand inside, and do a commentary for me, for those old enough to remember, like on the TV series \’The Golden Shot\’.

Then it was time for lunch, before setting off by bus back to Copacabana to collect the car, only to find that it was no where near ready, despite them having had it for nearly nine hours. The tow bar was fitted, they had had to adapt it, but it is as strong as ever, the problem was the electrics, they had wired it up, but lost the connector that couples to the trailer cable, in the end, Umberto sent his employee off on his motorcycle to buy another, but not locally, to Bello, and when he got there they hadn\’t got one, so he was sent on to Medellin, but by the time he got there most of the shops had shut, so back he came, empty handed.

As a result, we have a temporary cable connector, all the lights work, except reverse, so it is fine, until he buys another next week, and changes it over for the right one.  By this time is was dusk, so we stopped in town, had a walk, and found a Pizzeria, bought one and took it home for tea.

Marcela informed me, that because it is the Presidential Elections tomorrow, there is a law that states no Discotheques or Bars can be open, and no sale of alcohol from 6pm this evening, until after the elections, that\’s a bummer for some, because after the horrendous storms yesterday, this evening has again been a lovely summers evening, however it doesn\’t bother us.

We were going shopping after picking up the trailer, as the cupboard again is bear, but due to the time, that was kicked into touch, and now we will go after Marcela has cast her vote tomorrow.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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