What a Plonker!

Well, I topped myself up to the hairline with water last night, spent most of the night as anticipated, and woke finally at 4.30am, got up at 5.30am prepared what had to be taken with me, after drinking all that water, then had a shower, and took Pépe for his walk.

On my return, I decided I had better get the papers ready for my appointment, 22nd May 8.15am…wait a minute, the 22nd? Oh No! wrong day, and we were both convinced it was today, specimen in the bin, rushed to get my morning fix of coffee, and then pottered until Marcela was ready, as I was not in my working clothes, I decided to have the day off, and out we went, we did some holiday shopping, and returned home mid afternoon.

Marcela found a local trailer company in the \’yellow pages\’ and phoned them, having seen the photos of my trailer, they said it was bespoke, and they were not interested in buying it themselves, but would try to sell it on my behalf, they will collect it tomorrow.

Marcela then received a call from the Company making our septic tank covers, to say they were ready earlier than anticipated, and we could collect them, no tow bar, and not wanting to try and fit them in the car, even on two trips, Marcela rang Christian,  a lad who has delivered here a few times for the wood suppliers, he said he could fit it in today, he would ring us when he was back from Medellin, and true to his word he did. Marcela took me to meet up with him in Copacabana, and he said he would show me the route up to the Medellin to Bogota Autopista without having to pay the toll, boy! what a road… sorry, track! it was hairy, but with a lot of wheel spinning in his pick-up, we made it, it was teaming down with rain, however the Company loaded up for us, and back we came, the same route, not one I will be using, I rather pay the toll!!!!

Back home at 6.30pm, Christian and I unloaded the concrete tops, how I will place them, I have no idea, they weigh a ton, and will be difficult to get in situ, I just hope one doesn\’t slide into the pit, I would never get it out again.

Right, time to start drinking water again!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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