Hot and Humid!

This morning I started off by laying the first course of brick for Pépe\’s kennel, I\’m not that impressed with Colombian sand, it is very course, or at least, the sand I have here it, which makes it hard to work, I will have to check out the Builders Merchants (Depositos) and see if I can find one that sells fine sand for future use.

Anyway, it was cracking the flags, and I was sweating buckets, so stripped of my T-shirt, not a wise decision, I am now doing a great impression of a lobster!

Marcela went off after an early lunch, to complete some official work, and to browse the shops, I decided that with the heat as it was, there would be no way I could sleep tonight, so decided not to put off installing the ceiling fan in the bedroom any longer, I have had it so long the box was fading! ha ha ha.

First, I had to re-inforce the ceiling purlin, this I did by bolting another section either side, which would enable the fan to remain stable,  the delay with this, was waiting for the stain to dry, before fitting it in place, then  the weather changed, still hot and humid, but storms, the sky went black, which made it difficult to see what I was doing, I will have to purchase an inspection lamp, for working in conditions such as this. However eventually I got it done, I was a bit worried that the fan would not be big enough for the room, but it was freezing in there, and I won\’t have any trouble sleeping now, not from the heat anyway!

Marcela came back… miffed! a document she needed had expired, which meant she had had to drive into the city to get a new one, and that put paid to her looking around the shops, what a shame! But as I said, there is always tomorrow.

That just about sums up our day today, tomorrow I have to be at the Medical Centre for 8.15am for a bunch of tests, nothing serious, just to get me into the Blood Pressure Clinic, with the new Company, so I will now have to spend the evening drinking gallons of water, to flush everything out, so I will probably be traipsing back and to the bathroom all night! I just can\’t win.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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