Not too bad!

Last night the water went off about 6pm, we found out today that a bus had crushed the mains pipe, and there was a deluge further down the mountain, but no news was forthcoming, and no one answering the emergency phone, our water is not part of the municipality, it is locally owned by the Community, and there was no information forthcoming, just that we would not have water before morning.

Marcela was mortified, no water… it was a good job I moved here, and she didn\’t move to Cadiar, otherwise she would have something to complain about. However I was a bit concerned when there was still no water this morning, with my dental surgery at midday, I saw a neighbour when returning from my walk with Pépe, and she told me the water would be back by 8am, how she got that information I have no idea, maybe when we have been here twenty years plus, we will be included in the loop!

We decided that if the water did not come back on we would have to scoot over to Bello, and use Maria Elena\’s facilities. Marcela tried the water company again just after 8am, and he said we would have water by 9am at the latest, and he was as true as his word, so panic over.

I then showered, and got ready for my appointment, off we went, this was my first venture in the new car, and it is fine, it is a car, and it goes, it is much higher geared than the Tucson, so there is more gear changing, but I don\’t find that a problem, Marcela is still getting used to that.

We arrived at the Dentists on time, and the Specialist was waiting, so straight into the chair, and away we went, throughout, I only felt the odd twinge, he was chuffed that the medication had all but cleared up the abscess, so he was able to drill  through my crown, clean and inject antibiotics all in the same day, next week, I have got to return  for the General Dentist to seal the entry hole and smooth off the back of the tooth. However he says I have a problem with my gums, and has made an appointment for me to see another specialist in July, I have known I have this problem for some time, but the Dentists in the past, have just said the pain was  from not cleaning my teeth sufficiently, and this is not the case, so we shall see what that brings.

Anyway, job done, the Specialist said not to eat for 30 minutes, by the time we had paid and left 15 minutes had passed, so we walked across town, and found a restaurant H&M Comidas, and by the time our food arrived at least another 15 minutes had passed, we had menu of the day, it was great value for money, you can see the write up on my Restaurant Review page.

After lunch, we headed across Medellin, and bought Marcela\’s rocking chair, which went neatly in the back of the car. From there it was back to Homecenter, because I needed a new paint roller, however for some reason they were not selling just the roller head, so I bought a Pro Pack, which was more economical than buying just one.

On the way home we stopped off at the office of the company managing the Toll Booth, and registered the new car for Quick Pass, and the chip was fixed on the windscreen, job done.

It has been another scorcher today, it is now 9pm and still 24ºC, I hope it stays dry tomorrow, but not quite so hot, so I can get some work done.

I will have to think about getting the ceiling fan installed in our bedroom, if it stays this hot we will need it, because of the insect life, we can\’t leave the windows open, I will have to try and design some insect screens that we can place in the window openings, I did something similar in Cadiar, until DIY kits became available, so I know it can be done, but the insects are more persistent here, so it will have to have a good seal.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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