HaZeL is now home!

Another early morning, but we didn\’t leave quite as early as planned, Marcela spoke to the car showroom, and they were collecting our plates, therefore we were asked to call at 11am.

It was a lovely ride over to Medellin, the sun was blazing, but this time we both had protection, I wasn\’t going that far without. On arrival, the plates were back and \’Hazel\’ ( Thanks to Jane Roberts for the idea to remember HZL—) was sitting in the middle of the showroom, with a big bow on her bonnet!

There was one problem that backfired on them, there was only a thimble of petrol in the tank, I don\’t think even enough to get 50yds up the road to the Petrol Station, and that set the engine warning lights going, they had to put a gallon in the tank and then reset the system, before Marcela could drive off to get some petrol. We don\’t travel in convoy, I personally think it is dangerous, so I set off myself, back to Niquia, where we were due to meet and do our shopping.

I arrived in the car park, and was just walking across towards the entrance, when I saw Marcela parking up, well away from any other car, I wasn\’t worried about Marcela\’s parking, it is other people who don\’t give a damn, Marcela only hits concrete pillars ha!ha! I put my helmet and jacket in the car, and we went off shopping, unfortunately whilst in the store we heard the rain start, it was bucketing down, I had no wet weather gear, I wasn\’t bothered, there was always a hot shower on my return. However as we left, it eased off to a drizzle, and I thought I had won the day, but not to be outdone, a Bus passed me on the first roundabout, driving through a deep puddle and drenching me in filthy water.

I overtook Marcela who was stuck in the queue at the Toll Booth, bikes pass through free, although the Government are thinking of changing this, and shortly afterwards, she passed me again, I was surprised to overtake her yet again, on the approach to the road leading up to the house, however thinking back, I think there was method in her madness, because then I would be home to open the gate and deal with the Security Hound, before she arrived!!!

Then it was time to wash the vehicles, I don\’t think they had had rain here, it was dry, I say was, because now it is peeing down! I didn\’t want to put the bike away covered in mud, and Marcela is going off for the day, to show off the car to her friends, she couldn\’t have a dirty car.

I then set to changing the kitchen sink drainage, we are not having much luck with this, the Plumber who fitted it the other day, had fitted cheap rubbish, and it was leaking, I had tried to seal it, but with no joy, so whilst out today, I bought quality fittings, in the hope it would seal, and there would be no more problems, it is all changed now, morning will tell whether it was worth it.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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