Early finish!

Pépe decided he would wake me up extra early, 5am, not sure why, he sat on my knee last night throughout the time we watched a film, it was bucketing down with rain, and he didn\’t want to go out, that said, I opened the door for him this morning, whilst I got dressed, and he made no effort to go out!

First job of the day, was to lay new cables in the outside \’zona de ropa\’ for a striplight, the existing spotlight was useless at night,   the only way to fix it, was to place a batten across three purlins, so I sized cut and stained that, then pre-drilled ready to fix. The striplight I attached to the batten before fixing it in place, this made life much easier. Once up and working, I had to hide the hole in the underside of the balcony, which housed the cable outlet, so it was back to the workshop, and cut a piece of plywood, and measuring so I could use the holes from the spotlight, I pre-drilled ready to fix…job done.

By this time Marcela had been gone some time, for her day out, but she had prepared my lunch before going, vegetable soup then chicharron with rice! so I had my lunch at 12.30pm, before starting again.

Painting was the next task, now the balcony support posts were in place, and I had removed the spotlight, I was able to paint the underside of the balcony, so the painting  of the house walls are now complete, I have just got the rejas (grilles) and doors to paint, not my favourite task, as it is fiddly.

Painting the perimeter wall, alongside the swimming pool will have to wait a while, we have a problem, the neighbours have been piling up  rubble and sand against the wall, and the damp has come right through. Marcela spoke to Juan ( The Marijuana Kid!)  and he said his Mother had asked him to move it, he will get around to it, but is suffering from a bad back… ha!ha! So even after he has moved it, I will have to wait for it to dry out.

I was looking forward to a quiet day, but to be honest, I am missing Marcela, it is only 3.45pm, so will probably be some time before she arrives back, I think I will try to catch up on some of my sleep!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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