Roll on Summer!

I know winter started late here, but I can\’t wait for it to end, so I can moan about the heat! Marcela tells me that it should change sometime before the end of this month, but as it started late, who knows.

Yesterday, Marcela headed off for the day, she had a string of appointments, and I returned to painting, I wanted to at least get the front of the house finished, it had been drizzling all day, but I was still protected by the roof overhang. I finished the front, and started on the inside of the balcony wall, when the heavens opened, unfortunately the wind changed direction, and in came the rain, washing my newly painted wall, to the extent, I will have to give it a once over with the roller.

I continued around the side of the house, and whilst up the ladder, realised that John\’s Workman (Dorian), had not done the woodwork on this side, probably because it was out of sight, so that is another job for my list.

It was damn cold, I think because of the wind, and I was damp from the spray as the rain hit the balcony wall, however I decided to get it finished, and finally wrapped up about 4pm, cleaned my brushes and roller, and went for a shower.

Because it was so cold, we both had an early night, we haven\’t got any heating, never thought we would need it, but now I have acclimatised, I realise that 17ºC is cold here. However I did not sleep well, waking a couple of times from nightmares, about Spain of all things, why I have no idea!

I arose at 6am, and took Pépe for a walk, he didn\’t have one yesterday because of the rain, and although I am happy to put a coat and hat on and go, he is not! Fortunately this morning, it had stopped long enough for us to complete our stroll, before starting to drizzle again.

I am hoping to get some more painting done, the other side of the house, which again is covered. Marcela is going out for the day with her Mum and Sebastian, she asked me to go, but I backed out of this one, thanks all the same! Then they are returning here, and Maria Elena and Sebastian are staying the night, as it is Mother\’s Day here tomorrow, Sandra and Oscar will join us for lunch tomorrow, well that\’s the plan at the moment, but it could be all change by then.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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