Long Day!

Maybe Pépe borrowing my chair at night, isn\’t such a bad idea, that is two mornings on the run, I have been allowed to sleep until 7am, and then I was up before him!

Marcela and I headed off just before 10am, and went to Bello, for Marcela to obtain some official documents,  I had a wander, and found a pet shop that sells Pépe\’s dog food cheaper than I currently pay.

By the time we had finished in Bello it was getting on for 12.30pm, so we then headed to San Juan, had a Big Dogger Combo, and then went across the road to our favourite DIY Store, this time to obtain advice rather than buy. I am looking for a safe method of capping the septic tanks, we haven\’t heard back from John on finishing the job, and to be honest I don\’t think we will, I am not that upset, I wasn\’t 100% happy with his idea, so now I will do it myself.

We then went car hunting, we went to a Renault Dealership, to look at the Sandero Stepway, and the Duster, I think we might get away with the Stepway as long as I don\’t have to do any long journeys, it woulkd be back to the traditional car sitting position, which kills my back. The Duster on the other hand is fine, but I can\’t afford a new one, we had been lead to believe as it doesn\’t have a traditional chassis, I couldn\’t have a tow bar, but apparently they make a special one to fit…I bet that costs a bomb!

However, we had a look around their second hand cars, and found a Kia Carens 2.0  2012 we liked, it was immaculate inside, seven seater, which would solve taking two cars on a family day out, so we filled in the paperwork to take it for a test drive, they then moved it from the back row, for me to drive out, but before I did, one of the Staff went around it taking photos so if I damaged it there was no come back, I thought I had better look myself, and horror of horrors the back passenger door was covered in deep scratches, I asked if that would be repaired, and the Salesman, said not, he was not even aware of the damage, so we backed out immediately.

When they thought they were going to lose a sale, they informed us that they are having a Feria next week, this is where dear cars are sold cheaply, on a first come first serve basis, apparently they wouldn\’t affect the quote they gave us for Part Ex, so we will go and look there.

We moved on again, this time to try and find Marcela her rocking chair, we found the shop, whioch was more like a roadside workshop, with a number of wooden rocking chairs, unfortunately the one she liked had apparently been sold a month ago, but the person had not been to collect it, we both tried, I waved a few notes under his nose, and Marcela turned on the charm, he wavered, and then phoned the man, and said if he didn\’t collect it tomorrow, it would be sold, so we wait, apparently he has more coming in, so we will call back there.

Then back to Niquia, Marcela needed some shopping, by this time it was nearly 5pm, so we rushed round, had a fruit salad with ice-cream, then headed home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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