The day started well enough!

Yesterday, we spent nearly all day out, it didn\’t start too well, I didn\’t take Pépe for his walk, because it was chucking it down, and when we left at 9am, we found that a dog or dogs had dug out a huge hole in the roadside flower border, most of the earth was in the road, I just couldn\’t be bothered, and off we went.

Firstly it was into El Hueco, which is an undesirable  part of Medellin centre, but things are cheap, so making sure I had a good grasp on my bag, we made our way to shoe shops, looking for walking shoes for Marcela, ready for our upcoming trip, as it turned out, I bought us both a pair of plimsoll type boots, and they had my size, Marcela had to buy men\’s because no one seemed to have this design for women.

We moved on to buy a holdall, again for Marcela, I find they are far better than solid suitcases, when travelling, I stayed out of the way, but Marcela says they heard me, so she couldn\’t knock them down on price, so the Gringo curse struck again, but to be honest it was not that expensive.

After lunch at our favourite Mexican, we made our way to Monterrey, a commercial centre for Computers, Cameras, and a few Home Security shops, to look at cameras, but the one I wanted I was advised against,  because I was told I would not get a signal from my router to the camera without cable, more research back home, and that would appear not to be the case, so I will start again.

Around the corner was another branch of Homecenter, so we popped in, I wanted a petrol can for my brushcutter, our branch don\’t sell them, but this being bigger, did!

Then it was back home, where the first job of the day, was to clean up the road, it is now back to normal, although we are now seriously thinking about knocking the whole thing down, concreting it with posts, to stop people using it as a parking area.

This morning the plan was, gardening for Marcela and painting for me, after I returned from walking Pépe it started raining, which I thought would put the mockers on gardening, but it stopped, and Marcela decided she was going to fumigate the trees herself. I told her to read the instructions, because it would be toxic, \”I don\’t need a mask\” she said wearing just her shorts and T-shirt!  two minutes later, \”I need a mask, hat, overalls, boots and gloves\”,  of all that she only had the boots and gloves, so she had to do some scrounging, as a result she may not have won any fashion contests, but she was well protected.

Who said they were too big?

Just need the boots and ready for Action!

I said, I would have my clothes back washed and pressed…please hahaha! unfortunately she just got the chemicals mixed when the storms hit, putting paid to this mornings gardening session.

I on the other hand battled on…


There is still some way to go, I have got the top half to do, and the perimeter walls, but we are getting there, because downstairs was shielded from the elements, I was able to continue painting during the storm.

This afternoon, I had a bit of bad news, SOS have decided they wont let me have the complementary plan after all, the Assessor doesn\’t know why, apparently a letter has been sent out with an explanation, so we would be no better off moving to them, in fact we would be worse off, because of travelling, as a result we told her to cancel the transfer, and we will unfortunately remain with SURA, that has put paid to me having quick specialist access, to be honest, I don\’t think I will be any worse off than if I was just under the UK health system, people here seem to think that if you have to wait two months for an appointment, it is a liberty!
Oh well, back to research on security equipment!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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